Ever seen a Halo Infinite speedrun without any guns? One Halo speedrunner decided to do just that and here is how.

A speedrunner has just beaten Halo Infinite on Legendary. Oh, and they didn't use a gun the entire time.

Beating Halo Infinite's campaign on Legendary is already quite impressive. The mission has Master Chief facing some formidable foes and taking on a lot of intense missions. But a Halo speedrunner known as Tom has shared a video highlighting some of the insane action of taking on Legendary without shooting a gun even once.

No-bullet Halo Infinite Legendary speedrun rules

While this sounds like total chaos, Tom's run actually had a lot of guidelines that the speedrunner stuck to. This ensured that the speedrun was official and remained consistent with what other speedrunners have done.

Here are some of the guidelines Tom shared in an interview:

  • No shooting with any firearms, including energy weapons.
  • Energy swords and gravity hammers are allowed, as are fusion coils.
  • Glitches are allowed — but only ones that are already known by the speedrunning community.
  • No mods can be used.

Halo Infinite Legendary speedrun without bullets

Tom may have had rules but the gameplay was still chaos. Explosives and exploits were rampant. There were also a lot of grappleshots, helping Tom skip past floors full of enemies or scale buildings and areas. This ensured that he finished the game as fast as possible.

But Tom's run wasn't only fast because of these tricks. Tom also skipped an abundance of missions by taking control of a pelican. by parking the pelican at the start of the Sanctuary mission and then quitting out of the game before reloading the save file, Tom became invincible. He was then able to fly through multiple missions without being shot down, allowing him to skip half the game until a cutscene showed up.

The toughest part of the run was taking on villains without any bullets. But Tom found creative ways to take on these powerful foes.

Against Chak'Lok, Tom used an energy sword he got from a nearby miniboss. He returned and took down the enemy in seconds. Against Escharum, he used the grappleshot's divekick to break through the floor and avoided the fight altogether. He then fought Harbinger and her three waves of challenging minions by tricking the toughest minion of all to jump on and off an elevated platform while he punched it repeatedly.

The Harbinger fight took 50 of Tom's lives, slowing him down quite a bit. This was definitely a challenge without bullets.

Tom is well-known in the speedrunning community despite not having any official records. He completed the game in 37 minutes and 46 seconds, which was way faster than the official 1-hour record. But Tom didn't video capture the run.

Now, Tom wants to do another melee run on Legendary. This time, however, Tom wants to have all fo the skulls on and he plans to complete every mission.