The kickoff for the Halo Championship Series in Raleigh is just hours away. In this article we have the timeslots so you can be sure to watch your favorite teams in action.

Today is the day, the first official competitive event for Halo Infinite is taking place, and we've got the HCS Raleigh schedule. Teams from all around the world, from North America, to as far as Australia/New Zealand are traveling to the HCS Raleigh event for their chance at fame, glory, and of course, a sweet cash prize.

HCS Raleigh has a total of 16 teams, a pretty big turnout for how young Halo Infinite itself is. The 16 teams include big names such as FaZe, OpTic, and even Spacestation Gaming, will be competing for a whopping $250,000, and that's just for the Raleigh event.

Not all of the teams that were going to compete will be there, however, as Sentintels' Royal2 was suspended from the HCS due to network manipulation to gain an unfair advantage in gameplay. Sentinels themselves were also unable to roster for the pool, leaving them left out of any chance of winnings.

FaZe Snipe3down on Twitter was also courteous enough to reveal the timeslots and pools for day one of the HCS Kickoff events.

Team Pool

POOL A: OpTic Gaming (NA), Pioneers (NA), Bing Chilling (EU), The Chiefs (ANZ).

POOL B: FaZe Clan (NA), G2 Esports (NA), NAVI (EU), DIVINE MIND (ANZ).

POOL C: eUnited (NA), Quadrant (EU), Oxygen Esports (NA), The Boys (EU).

POOL D: Cloud9 (NA), Acend (EU), XSET (NA), Spacestation Gaming (NA).

HCS Kickoff Pool, Courtesy of HCS on Twitter
HCS Kickoff Pool, Courtesy of HCS on Twitter

HCS Raleigh Schedule Day 1

12:00 PM EST:

  • ALPHA: XSET (NA) vs. Spacestation Gaming (NA)
  • BRAVO: The Chiefs (ANZ) vs. Bing Chilling (EU)
  • CHARLIE: Oxygen Esports (NA) vs. The Boys (EU)

1:15 PM EST:

  • ALPHA: eUnited (NA) vs. The Boys (EU)
  • BRAVO: OpTic Gaming (NA) vs. The Chiefs (ANZ)
  • CHARLIE: Cloud9 (NA) vs. Spacestation Gaming (NA)
  • DELTA: FaZe Clan (NA) vs. DIVINE MIND (ANZ)

2:30 PM EST:

  • ALPHA: Acend (EU) vs. XSET (NA)
  • BRAVO: G2 Esports (NA) vs. NAVI (EU)
  • CHARLIE: Pioneers (NA) vs. Bing Chilling (EU)
  • DELTA: Quadrant (EU) vs. Oxygen Esports (NA)

3:45 PM EST:

  • ALPHA: FaZe Clan (NA) vs. NAVI (EU)
  • BRAVO: Cloud9 (NA) vs. XSET (NA)
  • CHARLIE: eUnited (NA) vs. Oxygen Esports (NA)
  • DELTA: OpTic Gaming (NA) vs. Bing Chilling (EU)

5:00 PM EST:

  • ALPHA: G2 Esports (NA) vs. DIVINE MIND (ANZ)
  • BRAVO: Acend (EU) vs. Spacestation Gaming (NA)
  • CHARLIE: Quadrant (EU) vs. The Boys (EU)
  • DELTA: Pioneers (NA) vs. The Chiefs (ANZ)

6:15 PM EST:

  • ALPHA: OpTic Gaming (NA) vs. Pioneers (NA)
  • BRAVO: eUnited (NA) vs. Quadrant (EU)
  • CHARLIE: FaZe Clan (NA) vs. G2 Esports (NA)
  • DELTA: Cloud9 (NA) vs. Acend (EU)

HCS Raleigh Schedule Day 3

343 Industries has revealed the schedule for Day 3. While individual match timings are not revealed, this schedule should give you a rough glimpse into the upcoming schedule.

Screenshot via Liquipedia
Screenshot via Liquipedia

Don't forget to watch the live streams to support your favorite HCS teams. You will also get some nice twitch drops for watching! Also, check out what teams we will personally be watching!

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