The latest Halo Infinite update added one of the most exciting features with Forge beta and we’re already seeing some excellent community maps.

343 Industries launched a big winter update for Halo Infinite, and with it, some of the game's most exciting features. The Halo community has been craving fresh content for a while now and 343 finally delivers. Among that content is Halo Forge, a custom map builder that community architects have been going ham with! Just a day into the update, we've already seen some exciting community projects emerge through the Halo forge!

The forge is a lot like the Event Lab in Forza Horizon 5, where players can use in-game resources from around the game's open world to build a custom event. In a multiplayer FPS game like Halo, there's plenty of room for creativity with such a tool and this is very likely to keep the player base alive and penultimately, save the game from saturation.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare within Halo Infinite

When you want to play Call of Duty but can't be bothered to quit Halo Infinite, try this Forge map
When you want to play Call of Duty but can't be bothered to quit Halo Infinite, try this Forge map

Among the most brilliant maps to come out of Halo Forge is this recreation of the Shipment map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's infamous multiplayer mode by IncensedLoki99. As far as game worlds go, the Halo series couldn't be further from Call of Duty in any way. One of them takes place in real-life war zones on Earth while the other is set in a giant intergalactic space war. Yet you'd be hard-pressed to identify which of these games you're playing on this map.

To put it quite simply, the map sets the benchmark for what creators can accomplish with the Halo Forge. At least as of now. It demonstrates the sheer potential that community contributors hold with such tools at their disposal.

The Elephant from Halo 3 is back in Halo Infinite!

If you want to experience something from the glory days of Halo, then you should really try this brilliant Forge map. Someone managed to build a fully functional Elephant from Halo 3 using the Halo Infinite forge! It's a little awkward that you're essentially driving a Warthog inside the Elephant's cabin to get it to move, but hey, it's still a drivable Elephant! It'll be super fun to drive around in a space landing ship on a full-fledged custom map against other players.

Craig is receiving some love in the Halo Forge

Among Halo players' fondest memories is Craig the brute from the Halo Infinite announcement. The madlad went on to become one of the series' most popular memes and this prompted 343 Studios to improve the game's visuals significantly by launch day. Craig, however, had etched his place in Halo folklore and is among the cult sensations of the series.

The developers honored him by creating a Craig Light as a usable resource in the Halo Forge. Expect plenty of edgy, creative meme lords to have fun with this in the forge. And hey, everyone gets a good laugh out of this!

It's safe to assume that the return of the Halo Forge is the highlight of the big winter update for Halo Infinite. When Bonnie Ross, the founder of 343 studios resigned, many people assumed Halo Infinite had one foot in the grave. The community has been on about the game's lack of content updates for a while now. But Halo Forge on a modern title has injected a much-needed lifeline into the game.