Cloud9 have once again secured the championship, this time at HCS pro series 3. Here is how NA’s best got the job done.

For the third consecutive HCS pro series, Cloud9 has taken home the championship at Pro series 3. The best team in the world repeated the last events scoreline by taking down OpTic Gaming 3-0. With this win, C9 continues their dominance in the HCS and are primed and ready for HCS Anaheim. Here is how Cloud9 secured their third HCS pro series title.

Cloud9 edges out victory on capture the flag

OpTic Gaming has been slowly improving in scrims and the Greenwall making their second final in a row should indicate progress. OpTic came out storming in map number one on capture the flag, they were able to pick up an early flag capture and were able to keep Cloud9 at bay. As with every giant, if you don't end them they will come back, this is exactly the case in this map as Cloud9 were able to find their footing and edge out the map with a 2-1 score.

Raleigh champs survives OpTic barrage to go 2-0 up

Despite losing this series, OpTic Gaming deserves a lot of credit for putting up a solid performance in this series. They are a team that is slowly getting back to their best and it seems they have figured out what their core problems were. For the second time, this series OpTic Gaming came out swinging. Lucid and Trippy were the players driving their team forward, almost pushing C9 to a double-digit deficit.

The problem with Cloud9 is, they will not buckle under the pressure. In previous interviews, the C9 players have described their mentality as if the game is always at 0-0. This means even when realistically they are behind, the scoreline is not dictating their play. Renegade ended up taking over the game, ending the map with an impressive 19 kills.

Cloud9 secures third HCS pro series title on Streets Oddball

Cloud9 were able to take down one of their biggest rivals in OpTic Gaming 2-0 on Oddball streets to secure their third successive HCS pro series trophy. After pushing Cloud9 to their limits in the first two maps, it looked like OpTic Gaming were simply running out of steam and C9 pounced. C9 were able to win a decisive round one. This was followed by a close back and forward contest with C9 winning the map with a 100-58 score.

This victory meant Cloud9 had won their fourth HCS tournament in a row. What is also extremely impressive about this run is that Cloud9 is yet to drop a best-of-series in four tournaments. This roster is on course to being up there with the elite Halo squads. While it is still too early to make any judgements in that field, this Cloud9 roster is incredible and it will take a world-class team to stop them.

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