Who is going to stop the North American side from winning every event for the forseeable future?

In what seemed to be dominating fashion, Cloud9 are the HCS Pro Series 2 champions. The Raleigh winners finished off what was an impressive tournament in dominating fashion as they took down OpTic 3-0. Since their Raleigh victory, C9 has been on a tear, winning every event they have entered and are the best team in the world. Here is how Cloud9 secured another Halo pro series championship tournament.

Cloud9 secures close Capture The Flag win on Aquarius

In what was a back and forth contest, Cloud9 took the first map of the series after a 2-1 CTF win. Capture the flag is Cloud9's bread and butter, the HCS side has won the majority of their CTF games and this map showed you why. Although the kills for evenly spread across the team, C9's ability to defend the flag was effortless. OpTic, a side that averages two captures a game on Aquarius were limited to just one.

C9 hands OpTic their first defeat on Livefire

The most shocking event in this grand final was on map two. Cloud9 are the first team to take down OpTic Gaming on Livefire Slayer. This was surprising for many reasons as firstly, Cloud9 has been struggling on Slayer for a while both in scrims and competitive play. Secondly, OpTic even in their struggles has been dominant on this map.

This map was not particularly close either, C9 raced out to an early lead and never looked back. The boys in blue would eventually win the map 50-36. Again what made the difference between the two sides was the consistency in the slaying. The lowest kills on the side of Cloud9 was Kevin "Eco" Smith with eleven kills.

OpTic were denied a late comeback on Streets Strongholds

Cloud9 sealed the deal on their second consecutive HCS pro series title in what ended up being a fairly competitive Strongholds map. The Raleigh champions, as they normally do, got the better of OpTic from the start. Cloud9 has shown when it comes to holding multiple areas, there isn't a team better than them.

At one point Cloud9 held a lead of +150 points, which should have been enough to seal the deal. While they would go on to win, OpTic Gaming made sure Cloud9 were not going to win their second pro series without a fight. The Greenwall mounted a respectable comeback, triple capping on multiple occasions to claw back at the deficit. Sadly for OpTic, it was too little too late. Cloud9 were able to hold out to complete the sweep and win the Halo tournament.

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