Everything you need to know about the 2022 Halo World Championship: Teams, stream, format, prizing cover image

Everything you need to know about the 2022 Halo World Championship: Teams, stream, format, prizing

20 teams will compete for their share of $1,000,000 in Seattle this weekend.

The first Halo World Championship of Halo Infinite is upon us. The best Halo teams in the world will all travel to Seattle to compete for the title of Halo Champs.

The event will take place at the Seattle Convention Center in Seattle, WA. Fans are able to enter the venue from Friday, October 21 up until the Grand Finals on Sunday, October 23.


The tournament actually starts a day before fans are allowed to enter the venue. The event is split into three stages. The play-in stage will take place in front of no fans.


The top two teams that didn't qualify through placement in Orlando from each of the four competing regions in HCS will all take part in the Play-In stage of the competition.

The 2022 Halo World Championship Bracket.
The 2022 Halo World Championship Bracket.

They will play in an eight-team bracket with the top four teams qualifying for the group stage of the event. The entire Play-In will take place on Thursday, October 20.

Group stage

The pool play portion of the tournament will feature four groups of four teams. Teams will play each other team in their group once in the single round-robin format.

The top three teams will all progress through to the Championship Bracket stage of the event. The top two will enter the bracket in the upper side. The third-placed team will start in the lower bracket.

Championship Bracket

HCS will crown their first World Champion of Halo Infinite at the end of the Championship Bracket. Teams compete in a 12-team double elimination bracket in order to try and write their names in Halo history.

Halo World Championship trophy. (Photo via <a href="https://www.halowaypoint.com/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">HCS</a>)
Halo World Championship trophy. (Photo via HCS)

Each series in the bracket stage of the tournament will be played in a Best of 5 format up until the Grand Final. The two teams who make it through to Grand Finals will play a Best of 7 with no bracket reset needed for the team coming through the lower side.


20 teams will take part in the Halo World Championship event. 12 of those teams have automatically qualified for the Group Stage of the tournament.

Eight teams will have to fight it out in the play-in stage in order to earn the last spots in each of the four groups before bracket play begins.

Play-in teams


  • Fnatic (Artic, Jurziro, Sceptify, Suppressed)
  • Complexity (CyKul, MoNsTcT, Neuronical, Vetra)


  • Acend (Lqgend, Respectful, Sica, Snipedrone)
  • JLingz Esports (Morguh, Phlux, Quad, SeptiQ)


  • Spacestation (Atzo, Drift, Nugget, Tapping Buttons)
  • Cruelty (Goriloco, DragoniaK, Noblc, Rinnegan)


  • Chiefs Esports Club (Beastn, BZIIRK, Madsy, Slayz)
  • Divine Mind (Pipz, Plasma, Rated, Swayz)

12 teams already qualified for Halo Champs group stage

The top 12 teams from the Orlando Major have all automatically qualified for the group stage of Halo Champs.

Group A

  • OpTic Gaming (aPG, FormaL, Lucid, Trippy)
  • Oxygen Esports (Boamx, Kuhlect, Nemassist, TritoN)
  • Native Gaming Red (Druk, Manny, SoulSnipe, Taulek)

Group B

  • Cloud9 (Bound, Eco, Penguin, StelluR)
  • Gamers First (bubu dubu, PreDevoNatoR, Squalleye, Swish)
  • Team WaR (Envore, Hysteria, Rammyy, tonisun)

Group C

  • FaZe Clan (Falcated, KingNick, Renegade, Spartan)
  • G2 (Barcode, Gilkey, Sabinater, Str8 Sick)
  • TSS Esports (Ace, Huss, Mortally, SuperCC)

Group D

  • eUnited (Rayne, RyaNoob, Snip3down, Suspector)
  • Natus Vincere (Jimbo, Kimbo, Mighty, Snakey)
  • Sentinels (Frosty, LethuL, Royal2, Snakebite)


A total of $1,000,000 will be on offer to the teams competing the main event at Halo Champs. This amount will not be inflated by community crowdfunding as previous events had been.

There is also a further $25,000 on offer as part of the Halo Champs Free-For-All tournament.

Main event

  • 1st - $400,000
  • 2nd - $220,000
  • 3rd - $110,000
  • 4th - $70,000
  • 5-6th - $45,000
  • 7-8th - $25,000
  • 9-12th - $10,000
  • 13-16th -$5,000

FFA event

  • 1st - $2,000
  • 2nd - $1,200
  • 3rd - $800
  • 4th - $425
  • 5th - $200
  • 6th - $150
  • 7th - $125
  • 8th - $100

Where to watch 2022 Halo Champs?

The Halo World Championship will be available to watch on both YouTube and Twitch. Due to how many matches there will be on Thursday, October 20 and Friday, October 21, there will be four streams of action.

Viewership rewards

There are six different rewards on offer to fans for watching along with Halo Champs. They are active at different times during the weekend.

The "Winner's Circle" nameplate is the only reward available all weekend and that is given out automatically to players who have their Twitch channels linked with their Microsoft account.

During the weekend you can earn the "On Track" set of items, with an emblem and coating on offer. Sunday, October 23 will have the "Gladiator's Edge" coatings on offer for two hours watchtime.

There is an exclusive reward just for watching an hour during Grand Finals on Sunday, October 23. If you reach 60 minutes watchtime during the Championship match, you'll get the "Gladiator's Edge" BR and the "HaloWC" Charm.

Drops are not available to those watching the event on YouTube.

There are also exclusive bonuses for watching Halo Champs on one of the official co-streams of the event. If you watch through any of them, you will earn an exclusive coating and stance for watching for four hours across the weekend.

A full list of co-streamers can be found here.