Yu-Gi-Oh streamer Zouloux unable to secure approval to continue his 3D dueling system cover image

Yu-Gi-Oh streamer Zouloux unable to secure approval to continue his 3D dueling system

Yu-Gi-Oh streamer Zouloux may be getting his new 3D dueling system shut down. Read more below.

Only a few months ago, Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast Zouloux announced his official 3D dueling system used for playing the card game on his stream, bringing the monsters to life. Unfortunately, the streamer was unable to secure the approval of Konami and is seeking help from the community.

Zouloux pleas for help from the community, hoping to find a way to keep his Yu-Gi-Oh 3D project afloat

Imagine placing your Yu-Gi-Oh card down and seeing the monsters appear in real life. This is the dream that Zouloux had seemingly achieved. With his new augmented-reality-based system, the streamer had developed a way to make each monster appear over its card in a duel.

The French streamer announced over a month ago that he had officially created the 3D system after seven months of hard work. This impressive feat had Yu-Gi-Oh fans everywhere excited for the future.

Sadly, this future might not be as accessible as we hoped.

Zouloux announced today that he has been unable to secure approval from the right stakeholders, preventing him from pursuing this project furthermore. He will also not be allowed to use it on his own.

With months of work being thrown away, the streamer is calling for help from the people that may be able to save this awesome project.

Shroud speaks out, hoping to find the right person to help Zouloux

The fight is not over. Popular streamer, Shroud, spoke out today about how he is looking to find the right person to help make this project continue.

"We are going to try and figure something out," said Shroud when talking about the situation on his stream.

With so many people already backing this project, it seems ludicrous to just watch it burn down without a fight.

Hopefully, the right people hear everyone's cries and Zouloux's infamous project ends up staying afloat. As of now, we can only wait and see what happens.

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