YouTuber Technoblade passes away as family share emotional final message cover image

YouTuber Technoblade passes away as family share emotional final message

Technoblade has passed away following a battle with cancer. His family posted a tribute on behalf of the YouTuber.

The YouTuber Technoblade has passed away aged 23 as per an announcement by the content creator’s family. The announcement was posted on Technoblade’s official YouTube channel on July 1st, 2022, in the early hours of the morning. Technoblade, who had been battling cancer since at least 2021, was one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers with over 10.8 million subscribers.

In his final video, titled “so long nerds” Techno’s final message was read aloud by Technoblade’s father. Keeping in line with the YouTuber’s humor, the title and the message reveals that Technoblade’s real name was Alex, and that he’d previously pulled a prank fooling thousands into thinking his name was Dave. In the message, Technoblade thanks his fans, apologizes for selling out, but says that his siblings are now going to college if they want to.

In the closing his final message, Technoblade shared a message of love for his fans: “If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time, as those were the happiest years of my life. I hope you guys enjoyed my content, and that I made some of you laugh. And I hope you all go on to live long, prosperous, and happy lives, because I love you guys.”

The video then shifted to the content creator's father who told the story of the emotional steps to create this final message. Breaking down, his father states that he passed just eight hours after finishing his goodbye message.

The video closes with a message from Technoblade’s mother:

(Image via Techoblade on YouTube)
(Image via Techoblade on YouTube)

Technoblade’s Legacy

Technoblade leaves behind his family, and a following of millions. As a Minecraft YouTuber, the content creator was legendary for his player versus player skills. Technoblade shot to fame thanks to his Hypixel Server videos on Bedwars and other PvP modes. He became known as one of the most formidable PvP players in Minecraft, and had a legendary showdown with Dream, another Minecraft Legend.

In their $100,000 Duel, Techoblade narrowly defeated his opponent. The duel, fought over multiple versions of Minecraft, saw each player use their strengths and weaknesses to attempt to defeat the other.

Using his PvP skills, Technoblade became a star of Keemstar’s Minecraft Mondays. The star earned so much money from these tournaments, he was able to drop out of college and become a full-time YouTuber.

Technoblade also claimed victory in multiple Minecraft Championship (MCC) events. TommyInnit, Ph1LzA, Wilbur Soot, and Technoblade won MCC 4. In MCC 8, alongside rival Dream, Technoblade, King Burren, and Michaelmcchill claimed victory. He was a finalist multiple times, and one of only eight players to have won MCC twice.

Beyond PvP

One of Technoblade’s most famous video series was The Great Potato War. The videos detailed his quest to become number one on the Potato harvesting leaderboard of Hypixel, taking on the then current leader, im_a_squid_kid. Through devious means and across several months and taking over 600 hours in-game, Techno eventually claimed the number one spot.

More recently Technoblade was a core character in the semi-scripted role playing (Survival Multiplayer)series Dream SMP. The fearsome PvPer was typically cast in the role of loner, antagonist, and occasionally hero. Utilizing his well-known PvP acumen, he was an opponent who many would rather shy away from than face in 1v1 combat.

Technoblade was a Minecraft OG who kept his content fresh for years. A talented player, entertainer, and a unique personality, his Cancer diagnosis in 2021 did nothing to dull his spirit. Or if it did, he didn’t allow it to shape his content. Many comments in tribute quote one of his catchphrases: “Technoblade never dies." And in the memories of his family, friends, and fans, he never will.