XSET to partner with Breakaway Music Festival; Bridging the gaming and music industry cover image

XSET to partner with Breakaway Music Festival; Bridging the gaming and music industry

Ready to meet some of your favorite gamers while seeing your favorite musical artists perform live?

Every day, it seems like the gaming industry is taking on a new challenge. XSET, the popular gaming and lifestyle organization, has announced their official partnership with one of the US's largest touring music festivals; Breakaway Music Festival.

The massive two-day festival music event will bridge the two industries, using XSET as their primary base.

Gaming meets the music industry: XSET to partner with the Breakaway Music Festival

Starting in 2016, the Breakaway Music Festival has brought together some of the most prominent artists in music. Singers such as Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar and more have performed at some of these events.

Breakaway Music Festival (Image via Breakaway Music Festival)
Breakaway Music Festival (Image via Breakaway Music Festival)

This time, XSET is taking a little share of the glory during their 2023 event in Boston, Massachusetts.

2023 Boston Breakaway Music Festival Dates:

  • September 15, 2023
  • September 16, 2023

Being a Boston headquartered organization, XSET is the perfect company to partner with the touring music festival.

"Breakaway is an extraordinary leader in the festival space that has evolved into a lifestyle brand at the pinnacle of culture and music,” said Greg Selkoe, CEO and Co-founder of XSET. "We’re honored to partner with a company that shares similar values to XSET on our journey to becoming the go-to lifestyle and gaming brand for all."

The 2023 Breakaway Music Festival started its tour in early May and will be wrapping up in mid-October.

XSET to have their own day prior to the event

While the official Boston event will take place in September, XSET will be having their own "XSET Day" this July. The organization will be taking over Fenway Park for one day. Gamers will get to partake in various activities, including a gaming lounge held at the field.

Fenway Park's XSET Day date:

  • July 5, 2023

What a perfect prequel for gamers and XSET fans planning on attending the Breakaway Music Festival in September.

XSET Valorant Roster (Image via THESPIKE.GG)
XSET Valorant Roster (Image via THESPIKE.GG)

Not only will the partnership between XSET and Breakaway Music Festival allow brands to produce co-branded apparel capsules, but fans attending the music festival will get to meet some of their favorite members of XSET's talent roster.

"Breakaway continues to strive toward innovation and growth, and with XSET’s onsite gaming activation, it will add a new dimension for our fans," said Adam Lynn, Co-founder and President of Breakaway Music Festival. "This strategic partnership brings together two very like-minded brands in two adjacent and frequently overlapping spaces, it is a natural fit."

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