The esports Internship fund will educate youngsters looking to form a career in esports and gaming.

XSET has announced the expansion of the Erin Ashley Simon Esports Internship Fund at the University of Kentucky. The fund has now grown to $5,000 with a multi-year internship and aims to educate students on the esports ecosystem. 

“I want more aspiring professionals who want to get into this industry to have all the tools and resources they need to make that happen,” said Erin Ashley Simon, co-owner of XSET. “There are a lot of industries out there who are curious about gaming, but I’m encouraging all of them to stop eyeing and get involved with the fund. This is the perfect opportunity for non-endemic companies to see and understand the growth of this industry and the people who make it move.” 

E-Sports speaker series featuring a panel moderated by Erin Ashley Simon along with Gen G on January 22, 2020. Photo by Pete Comparoni | UKphoto

As an Afro-Latina female in the industry, Erin Ashley Simon has been a pioneer in providing opportunities for those underrepresented and marginalized communities in esports. 

Erin Ashley played collegiate soccer at Rutgers University before transferring to the University of Kentucky. She has extensive experience hosting several esports tournaments including NBA 2K for Twitch and Red Bull. Throughout her career, Erin Ashley Simon has pioneered positive changes for marginalized communities in esports. 

“Alongside Erin, we’ve always been adamant supporters for diversity and inclusion in our space,” said Greg Selkoe, co-founder and CEO of XSET. “If you don’t know Erin, she is a rock star in our industry and knows the importance of giving back to the community. We are absolutely committed to helping her achieve this goal and turning up the volume for others to join our cause.”

How to apply for the XSET Internship fund?

E-Sports speaker series featuring a panel moderated by Erin Ashley Simon along with Gen G on January 22, 2020. Photo by Pete Comparoni | UKphoto

The Erin Ashley Simon Esports Internship fund is designed for students interested in a career in esports and gaming. 

Applications for 2022-23 academic year are live at through August 22, 2022.

The internship recipient will be selected this Fall and will provide an experiential learning experience for students. For the vast and relatively unorganized esports ecosystem, this early education would be a boon for young students looking to develop a career in esports. The XSET esports fund is a step in the right direction to enable students to find their footing in the vast world of esports.

Simon has been tapped by well-known brands and organizations such as AT&T, Riot Games, Bleacher Report, TBS, EA Sports, General Motors, Google Play, Tampax, Columbia Records, PUMA, Turtle Beach, Bacardi, Crown Royal, Forbes, Gen.G, Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, The Wall Street Journal, University of Kentucky, Bleacher Report and more. Simon was the first individual female public figure to be the face of PUMA’s new esports line. As Simon’s career moves forward, she looks to continue to build the intersection between gaming and culture, paving a path forward for future generations. 

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