xQc is the highest earning Twitch streamer in January 2023… but why? cover image

xQc is the highest earning Twitch streamer in January 2023… but why?

What sets the popular interest celebrity aside from others?

The life of a Twitch streamer; everyone seems to glorify it. I mean, who wouldn't? You get to play video games all day and get paid for it. For some streamers, such as xQc, their streaming abilities have brought them a wealth some could never imagine to reach.

But what is xQc doing differently than others which allows him to make so much money on the streaming platform?

xQc earned a total of $300,130 streaming on Twitch in January of 2023

In a recent study done by Fair Betting Sites, it was revealed the top 10 highest-earned streamers on Twitch in January of 2023.

The numbers checked out. Streamers such as xQc, TheGrefG, HasanAbi and more stream to millions of people each month, making it only logical that they would be included within the top-earned Twitch streamers.

Except, one specific aspect of this list seemed to stick out. Twitch star, xQc, had an astronomical lead above everyone else.

TheGrefG Fortnite skin
TheGrefG Fortnite skin

In fact, the streamer sits 32% above second place, TheGrefG. With multiple streamers earning just above $2 million a year, xQc sits at a whopping average of $3.38 million a year just from Twitch revenue.

That calculates out to around $6,270 earned a stream.

So what is xQc doing different that other streamers may be lacking in?

Comparing 1st to 2nd: Why did xQc make so much more money than TheGrefG in January 2023?

When inspecting someone's past streams, you not only have to look at their numbers, but you have to look at the games they are streaming.

In fact, TheGrefG had a higher accumaltive watchtime in January of 2023. So why is he so far behind when it comes to earnings from the website?

I think the question dives into something deeper than what games they play, but moreso their fanbase, or "fanbases".

xQc streaming via PC Gamer
xQc streaming via PC Gamer

According to sullygnome.com For the majority of January, TheGrefG seemed to stick to only a few categories for his stream. There was never much seen outside of Just Chatting, with the occasional streams involving Minecraft, League of Legends and Valorant.

Never once though, did he partake in more than 2 categories per stream. Most streams revolved around Just Chatting and then one game.

On the other hand, xQc seemed to play various games every single stream. There were even streams that involved him playing up to 12 different games.

So does this play a factor into why the internet personality made so much more money during the month?

TheGrefG streaming via The Loadout
TheGrefG streaming via The Loadout

A way to look at it, is xQc opened each stream up to multiple fanbases to come in and enjoy and possibly donate or subscribe. For TheGrefG, there may have been a limit to how many people join his streams, considering he would not switch up categories mid stream.

This leaves xQc with higher opportunities to earn money from multiple fanbases he's built from each game he plays.

Others who made the list as the top 10 highest-earned Twitch streamers of January 2023

While comparing xQc and TheGrefG's earnings in one month, there were still eight other streamers who made the list.

From HasanAbi to NickMercs, here are is a list of the top 10 highest-earned streamers in January 2023:

  • 1. xQc ($300,130)
  • 2. TheGrefG ($205,200)
  • 3. KaiCenat ($185,700)
  • 4. Adin Ross ($178,440)
  • 5. HasanAbi ($170,970)
  • 6. Ibai ($142,460)
  • 7. aminematue ($113,660)
  • 8. NickMercs ($107,202)
  • 9. Auronplay ($104,520)
  • 10. PaulinhoLOKObr ($99,570)

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