Xbox game pass premieres its brand new music video, starring Myth on the microphone alongside iiTzTimmy and QTCinderella.

Gaming meets pop music. With Microsoft’s XBOX Game Pass provided alongside their Xbox live, the company released an unusual music video out of the blue. The video contains rapping from legendary streamers Myth and iiTzTimmy and some amazing vocals from Twitch star QTCinderella.

iiTzTimmy features in the new advert for XBOX Game Pass
Apex streamer iiTzTimmy stars as one of the three members of the Three 4 One band.

The newest hit is here! Myth, iiTzTimmy, and QTCinderella star in Xbox Game Passes new music video

Amidst the doom and gloom that has spread through our world, Microsoft has aimed to help bring people together through entertainment and gaming. Their newest venture, pop music, has created an unusually entertaining content piece for sure. Whether you smile or cringe, you’ll certainly recognise the faces of streaming royalty Myth, iiTzTimmy and QTCinderella.

On June 23, 2022, popular streamer Myth posted on Twitter, letting everyone know that he had just recorded a music video with Xbox Game Pass. He then offered an incentive, that if he were to hit 5,000 likes on the post, Xbox would release the video.

He was successful.

Myth’s initial post revealed the streamers on set recording the new music video. The sneak peek gave us a fun look at the production and filming the crew underwent.

A few days passed, and Xbox finally released the music video. With Myth and iiTzTimmy rapping the verses, and QTCinderella taking over the chorus, there is absolutely nothing not to like about Xbox’s new hit “single”.

The ad itself focuses on Xbox Game Passes new three-for-one deal, allowing people to purchase the pass for three months for just $1.00.

Hopefully, we see more brands follow suit and created comedic and entertaining pieces such as this one when marketing their brand.

Watch the full XBOX Game Pass music video below. If you cringe easily, you may wish to move on as it is very wholesome content.

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