Ganondorf is ZADDY in Tears of the Kingdom. Will you even have the desire to defeat him? Thanks Nintendo.

A photo of Ganondorf was released by Nintendo last night and it's safe to say that it was just in time to be in everyone's dreams.

The internet has been thirsting over the new Gandondorf design. In the third and final Tears of the Kingdom trailer, Ganon could be seen with a man bun, a revealing outfit, and a body that would have SZA saying "it's cuffing season" and TikTokers commenting "why's he kinda..."

To make this version of Ganon even more tantalizing, it's been confirmed that Matthew Mercer — best known for Critical Role and Cassidy — is voicing him. At this point it's clear that Nintendo is doing this on purpose. They know what they are doing.

Gamers are thirsting over sexy Ganondorf

Ganondorf is probably not the first character that you'd expect to hear a chorus of AWOOGAS over. He has had many designs over the years, usually appearing as a green goblin-like monstrosity — and sometimes not even appearing like a human at all.

But it looks like Nintendo has had a change of heart and have decided that Ganondorf is a chiseled beefcake with tribal tattoos, a flowing mane of hair, and a stylish beard that's clearly been sculpted by a barber. And it took all of two seconds for the gaming community to notice.

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