Mountaintop Studio features former Riot Games, Respawn Entertainment, Epic Games, and Bungie staff and just revealed a new competitive shooter.

Mountaintop Studios, an independent studio with veterans from Riot Games, Respawn Entertainment, Epic Games, and Bungie, has just revealed a teaser for their new competitive shooter. The trailer dropped across social media late on Tuesday night (August 2). 

In the teaser, brief previews of levels, an anime-inspired art-style, and some cell-shaded graphics were shown off. The trailer definitely screams more Apex Legends than VALORANT or Halo to us, but the level design also seems to hint at something closer to a tactical competitive shooter like CS:GO, with a large flashbang-like explosion filling the screen at one point.

Mountaintop Studios' new competitive shooter?

(Image via Mountaintop Studios)
(Image via Mountaintop Studios)

Mountaintop is currently hiring, and as part of a job listing, described some details about the game: “We’ve been hard at work on our first project, a competitive shooter for those that love the genre. As we shift into production, we’re looking for more talented individuals to join our team of fully-remote veterans.”

“The game is set in a brand new universe, inspired by our favorite comics, anime, and manga. It’s a world where players can build a legacy through teamwork and competition.”

The jobs they’re hiring for include lead character artists, hard surface artists, platform engineers, and audio software engineers. However, the team doesn’t seem to be advertising for programmers, which might suggest development is more advanced than they’re letting on.

Two years ago, the studio reportedly raised $5.5 million dollars in seed investments for what they call “a PvP-driven shooter inspired by our all-time favorites in the genre.” They didn’t expand on those favorites, but the list of companies that the team has worked for is expansive, including Epic, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, Respawn, Infinity Ward, Ubisoft, Raven, Turtle Rock, Double Fine, PopCap, and Oculus.

We’re cautiously optimistic about this veteran team, and hope to be able to report more on their upcoming game soon!