UFC Fighter Teabags opponent after massive win cover image

UFC Fighter Teabags opponent after massive win

Gamer culture has both protected and encouraged teabagging. Regardless of your position on the move, it’s remained a prominent part of gamer culture.

On July 24th, Patrick Mark Pimblett knocked out his opponent, and, as per his pre fight promise, teabagged his opponent. This was the first UFC teabag in history.

This was, as promised, the premier moment of the UFC bout. Paddy’s opponent, Jordan Leavitt, was submitted to a brutal choke hold by the Liverpudlian. Yet behind this win was a certain darkness.

It was said that the moment empowered the raw energy Pimblett possessed. Pushed beyond normal scope,“The baddy”, who had in recent months become one of the most formidable figures in northern fighting history stated that "I want to dedicate this fight to little baby Lee”.

“He's a little warrior, more of a fighter than any of us will ever be.” Paddy’s anger, was channeled through both that the fight, and the dedication to his friend Ricky, who committed suicide two days earlier.

Prior to the fight, Paddy had stated that  “I've never come into a fight once to hurt my opponent. I'm going to hurt him. If I get the chance, I'm going to split him open with elbows or rearrange his face.” But after the brutal win, there was clearly change. 

Paddy had an incredible walk in, supported by thousands of fans.

And he followed it up by a decisive win… with a gamer teabag of his opponent.

Regardless of your opinions of Paddy, the man is a gamer who teabags his opponents in the UFC and loves to do so. You can hate that he’s Scouse, you can hate that he’s Ginger, but you can never take away that he’s beaten you boy, Jordan Leavitt, and now the world is his oyster!