Ubisoft’s newest project, the Quarts NFT, is looking to change the landscape of gaming cosmetics.

Ubisoft is taking a step forward into the growing world of NFTs after it was announced that the gaming company would be utilizing NFT’s that will now make certain in-game items hold value outside of the game itself.

The newly-announced Quartz NFT is showcased in a Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trailer where a character can be seen using a skinned gun that now holds value outside of gaming because of the NFT. 

Quartz is a “new platform for players to acquire Digits, non-fungible tokens, that are playable in an AAA game.” The ground-breaking cosmetics will be available in beta in the aforementioned game on December 9. Items will range from a series of gun skins and clothing cosmetics, according to the announcement.

These Digits will not affect the in-game performance in any way and are only cosmetic enhancements to items.

“I applaud @Ubisoft for taking a step forward & experimenting,” tweeted Ryan Wyatt, Head of YouTube Gaming. “Not sure all people understand the underlying tech around NFT’s and why it benefits a gamer (true ownership, resale, etc).”

What is an NFT?

NFT’s have charged to the forefront in recent years and have dealt with their fair share of skeptics. 

The concept behind them is that you own a unique piece of digital property, fit with a serial number, unique to you. Over time, you may sell that same NFT for a profit. 

Ubisoft’s new Quartz NFT project can be showcased through the gun seen in the above trailer screenshot.

Accompanied by the growing interest in stocks and more recently, Cryptocurrency, NFT’s have become very popular, more specifically, in the gaming niche. Various companies are now initiating their own NFT’s, and the gaming market is one of the new partakers in the digital property.

Currently, it is undetermined how the Ubisoft Quartz announcement will affect the general NFT landscape. For now, keep a discerning eye for other developers who may follow suit as NFT’s continue to entrap themselves into gaming.

Ubisoft is responsible for some great titles over the course of gaming history, such as The Division, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six, and so many others.
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