After two dull years without the presence of Twitch’s festive convention, TwitchCon has been announced to return in 2022.

Mark your calendars people, TwitchCon is planning to return! Creators, viewers, and moderators can now rejoice as one of the biggest conventions for the gaming community is already set for next year.

Twitch announces plans for TwitchCon in 2022

TwitchCon has been a significant annual convention, providing streamers and creators the opportunity to learn and build up their brands. It has also become an event where people get to meet the communities they have created or joined. Since 2015, Twitch has successfully organized two conventions per year, however, with the pandemic hitting the world in 2020, TwitchCon had to be canceled. 

The recent announcement dropped by Twitch reveals exciting news as it mentions the plans for the next TwitchCon. The dates mentioned are as follows,

  • TwitchCon Amsterdam - July 2022.
  • TwitchCon San Diego - October 2022.

Do note that the dates planned are flexible and might still change due to these uncertain times. Twitch has made it clear that it will make safety a top priority and its future conventions will follow local health guidelines and recommendations.

Twitch continues to thrive

In its blog post, Twitch highlighted a few milestones that it has achieved. In 2020, it welcomed its 50, 000th Partner and added 8, 550 new ones. It has also gained 548, 000 more Affiliates, amounting to more than 1.2 million Affiliates on Twitch. The site has also witnessed the biggest growth in viewership in Twitch’s history. With Twitch’s community expanding larger by the day and more new arrivals joining in on the hype, the next TwitchCon will definitely be a blast!

Twitch will also be revealing updates including official dates, discounted hotels, and tickets at a later date. 

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