Twitch begins to roll out new Chat Countdown Timer cover image

Twitch begins to roll out new Chat Countdown Timer

Twitch’s new Chat Countdown Timer is beginning to roll out today! Here are all the details.

Back in early July, Twitch announced their new Chat Countdown Timer, which is a great way for streamers to help control their ads in-stream. Today, Twitch announced they are starting to roll out the new timer in various streamers' chats.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Twitch Chat Countdown Timer.

Twitch introduces new Chat Countdown Timer, rolling out the feature today

The new Chat Countdown Timer helps streamers control their ads in a much easier way, while also being more transparent with their community. The timer's purpose is to show viewers when they should expect an ad to pop up.

But how does this help the streamer? Well, streamers with this feature will be able to use that timer to either push back an ad or even run it a bit earlier. This is perfect for creators who may have an event happening on stream that they don't want any of their viewers to miss.

Twitch Chat Countdown Timer
Twitch Chat Countdown Timer

All they have to do is click a button and set the ad to run at a different time. Streamers can also choose to snooze the notification, ignoring it and allowing their ad to run at the original scheduled time.

This is great for streamers, as it gives them just a little bit extra control over their ads.

What is next for Twitch?

Recently, Twitch has seen quite a bit of backlash due to some of their choices when it comes to streamers and the way they help monetize them. Ad revenue is a big factor in making a living for Twitch streamers, and sometimes it seems like Twitch was trying to suppress how much a streamer could make.

Luckily, a new feature like this does not hinder the amount of money a streamer could make from ads but instead allows the creator to have more control over when their scheduled ads are set to run.

Hopefully, we see more features like this one added to the streaming platform.

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