Check out our top WoW Expansions! From the Mists of Panderia to the Wrath of the Lich King.

Activision-Blizzard has been taking gamers on amazing adventures to distant and magical lands for the last 16 years with World of Warcraft. WoW and WoW esports has stood the test of time and has become a staple in MMO gaming, and WoW expansions the source of much joy for gamers.

WoW changed the landscape of an entire genre, bringing the niche MMO into the mainstream. While it still had its odd quirks, WoW was by far the easiest to get into and quickly took its spot as top dog. WoW esports is also a mainstream esport title and very relevant in the competitive scene.

Years have passed, and dozens of other MMOs have attempted to dethrone WoW from the top, but none have prevailed. Their seemingly endless expansions make the game more engaging for even long-time fans.

Admittedly there have been some ups and downs with various WoW expansions, including the latest and long-awaited Shadowlands. The biggest complaint has been the lack of content as of late, but these expansions have been consistently good for the most part.

There are many top WoW expansions to choose from, but which are the best? Let’s dive into the top World of Warcraft ranked expansions and see where the latest, Shadowlands, falls.

Mists of Panderia

image credit: Activision-Blizzard
image credit: Activision-Blizzard

Estimated Completion Time: 16 hours

While it may not be the most revolutionary or difficult, Mist of Panderia is one of the most beautiful. It hasan immersive story, fantastic lore, and is perfect for newer players, and makes it to number five on the list.

The Vale’s daily quests differentiated over time which made it so much more engaging. Then working towards getting the Cloud Serpent mount through completing Serpent dailies was a rewarding experience.

There have been complaints by fans that the Siege of Orgrimmar was a bit too long. However, the plot itself was incredibly emotive and gripping, with feelings of hatred towards Garrosh brewing as you played through the raid.

Going back doesn’t provide much shock either. Besides the lore being so engaging, the zones are what set it apart. It's hard to focus on just one—Valley of the Four Winds' sweeping vistas are just as majestic as Kun-Lai Summit's frosted peaks—but wherever you go, it's easy to get swept up in the splendor of Pandaria's jungles and rice farms.


image credit: Activision-Blizzard
image credit: Activision-Blizzard

Estimated Completion Time: 10 hours

WoW’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, was released last year following an extensive alpha and testing period. Shadowlands provides players with major changes to the game, and the world itself, to help make things fresh.

It’s because of this it deserves to be recognized as one of the best WoW expansions.

The player has the chance to travel to an alternate reality, where they are the only ones who can stop a great calamity that threatens both realms. It also has what many consider to be the best story WoW has told since MoP. It has also been recognized for its easy leveling system.

Like mentioned above, the Shadowlands release brought with it a completely revamped leveling system. This has made World of Warcraft progression feel smoother and more meaningful.

WoW Shadowlands has officially brought WoW out of its two-year funk. With a focus on player customization, it’s beginning to feel that they have the freedom to create what they truly want.

The Burning Crusade

image credit: Activision-Blizzard
image credit: Activision-Blizzard

Estimated Completion Time: 25 hours

The Burning Crusade, released in January 2007, was World of Warcraft’s first-ever expansion. While it did have a bit of a poor new player experience, it still ranks in the top three expansions. It also has the longest playtime out of any expansion on this list.

Many would say that it is on most lists because of the nostalgic factor, but that is not the case. Burning Crusade brought a little bit of everything without drastically changing what made WoW good.

New races were solid additions, the new mounts were great, and the raids and endgame content were just as good as what was delivered before. Included in those additions isthe most popular race today, the Sin’dorei Blood Elves. They finally became playable in the Horde alliance, along with the alien race of the Draenei for the Alliance.
The Burning Crusade expanded the fantasy and customization with these additions – something that’s still growing today.


image credit: Activision-Blizzard
image credit: Activision-Blizzard

Estimated Completion Time: 14 hours

Second on this list goes to Legion, which came out in 2016. Legion took us to the Maelstrom’s Broken Isles. The theme of an apocalyptic event looming over Azeroth wasn’t particularly fresh, but the content was handled wonderfully well.

The story was one of the greatest in a long-time, impressing fans and critics alike. It was steeped with nostalgia, but they did enough to make it just right. The expansion pack melded elements of Wrath of the Lich King and Burning Crusade, Creating an experience that fans couldn't help but fall in love with.

Legion also introduced the game’s second Hero class, Demon Hunters. They came along with their own storyline to progress through. Demon Hunters provided a fantastic DPS and tank-capable class with enormous survivability, which is always ideal for any returning or new player.

It certainly doesn't overstay its welcome and you get to experience all of the classic Warcraft elements in new and fun ways. With dragons, lush forests and even a cool detour to the underworld. All of that is what puts Legion so high on the list.

Wrath of The Lich King

image credit: Activision-Blizzard
image credit: Activision-Blizzard

Estimated Completion Time: 24 Hours

The second expansion ever released,Wrath of The Lich King, is number one on this list. This expansion brought players to Northrend, home of the Lich King and the Frozen Throne. This directly follows the plot laid out in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and fans were incredibly happy to have some continuity.

Wrath does invoke a lot of nostalgia but in the best way possible. The storyline sets up a lot of future expansions. It holds a special place in players’ hearts for actively leaning on Warcraft 3’s lore. With Arthas Menethil taking center stage in the plotline, players got the chance to stand up against him.

The gameplay is still addictive and tons of fun. It still delivers high-octane raids and fun quests, but now with better customization. Wrath of the Lich King still has something to offer for all types of players. Many fans say without this expansion, WoW would not be what it is today. Feel free to continue reading more WoW esports on our main page.