The Tom and Jerry gacha game is getting out of hand and must be stopped cover image

The Tom and Jerry gacha game is getting out of hand and must be stopped

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a gacha game inspired by the classic Warner Bros. cartoon, but its skins are definitely like nothing from our childhood.

We’re disappointingly late to the party, but we must inform you: There is a Tom and Jerry gacha game, and its skins are absolutely crazy. Tom and Jerry: Chase is an asymmetrical battle game that sees up to four mice (Jerrys) take on Tom, or various other cats, in a kind of platforming battle not too dissimilar to Super Smash Bros. 

And, well, the skins are out of this world. Don’t believe us? Here are two characters that appeared in only a handful of Tom and Jerry shorts reimagined as angels and devils:

Image via Warner Bros.
Image via Warner Bros.

Recognize the characters? No, neither did we initially. Apparently, that’s Toots, a female cat that appeared in a single short; The Mouse Comes To Dinner, and Devil Jerry, a manifestation of Jerry’s anti-conscience that appears in a few shorts, including Springtime for Thomas (Although T&J: Chase states that Devil Jerry is “powerful demon from an unknown land.”)

Tom and Jerry's bizarre gacha game skins

The game was first released in 2021, and is (sadly) a China and Southeast Asia exclusive. But the over-the-top artwork, such as the above, has gone viral recently partly because of Twitter user @grimmissive. Their updates about the skins has brought to light some of the more “out there” design choices in-game. 

Scrolling through some of the skins, and they initially look pretty tame. Musketeer Tom is definitely from a cartoon we remember, and we can give a pass to Pirate Jerry, although the event title: “The Battle of the Sea Overloards” [sic], goes incredibly hard. 

Where it starts to go absolutely crazy is with the in-game OCs. Yes, at some point Tom and Jerry: Chase ran out of Tom and Jerry characters. Not happy with the idea of adding more than 11 versions of Jerry and six versions of Tom, the game made up its own characters, or transformed the show’s characters dramatically. That’s where the character of Shuangyue comes from. 

Or how about Siffy, an unnamed kitten from the show that’s aged up and transformed into a chain-wielding punk/ninja who plays like a cat version of Capcom’s Strider.

We've included a gallery below of some of our favorites to have a scroll through:

Now after reading all that and seeing the gameplay, some people are naturally clamoring to play the game. Well, there is an English Version for SEA, but if you’re outside of the region, you’ll likely need to manually load the APK or use some other workaround to play. Otherwise, unfortunately, there’s no way to play this masterpiece. 

So sit back, enjoy the artwork, and muse about what could be if Warner Bros. were brave enough in their licensing to let us have the Tom and Jerry gacha game.

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