The Game Awards 2023 faces community backlash for rushed speeches and awards cover image

The Game Awards 2023 faces community backlash for rushed speeches and awards

The Game Awards 2023 has been met with community backlash centered around its mass of trailers and celebrity appearances.

While The Game Awards 2023 was meant to celebrate those who are the backbone of this industry, many feel it didn't do them justice. During and after the show, the community was rather vocal about their feelings. They delivered a wave of backlash regarding the developers' time on stage, the amount of trailers, and the limited acceptances.

The Game Awards 2023 brings in 3.6 million viewers despite community backlash

At a time when the world, including the gaming industry, needs to come together, a large portion feels The Game Awards did not facilitate that. They felt that no mention of ongoing wars or the layoffs the industry faced in 2023 was not the right move by Geoff Keighley and company.

A huge turnout still watched the ceremony across all platforms. Over 3.6 million total to be more precise. They tuned in hoping to see their favorite developers discuss their projects and dedicate their awards to everyone who worked hard to deliver the year's best titles.

Instead, they were met with shortened acceptance speeches. Couple that with lengthy celebrity appearances and world premieres galore, viewers weren't exactly pleased. They wish that more awards were handed out on stage rather than hurried through like a speedrun.

One X user even pointed out that the hours-long show only consisted of about 38 minutes of actual awards. Still, it was a spectacle to behold as it is every year. The Game Awards will more than likely live through the backlash and be just as prominent in coming years.

Of course, the hype surrounding many of the games revealed is palpable. Despite the community's issues with how things were handled, a highly anticipated slate of new titles is one of the major talking points coming out of the evening.

And as members of the gaming community, we can do our part to celebrate those behind our hobby. Whether you feel they were given ample spotlight or not during The Game Awards 2023, they most certainly know you appreciate them and their masterpieces.

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