The 2022 Global Esports Games are over; Setting the stage for December 2023 in Saudi Arabia cover image

The 2022 Global Esports Games are over; Setting the stage for December 2023 in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia prepares for the Global Esports Games next event in 2023 as Istanbul’s 2022 event comes to a close.

Beginning in 2019, the Global Esports Federation has sought to bring unity and formation to the esports and the gaming community. With their large-scale Global Esports Games events grabbing the eyes of many, it is only fair to expect great opportunities from them in the future.

As the 2022 Global Esports Games finished last month, the Federation is already preparing the stage for December 2023 in Saudi Arabia.

With the success of their 2022 event, the Global Esports Games looks to prepare for a strong year in 2023

Taking place in Istanbul, the 2022 Global Esports Games event was a triumph. With games such as DOTA 2, eFootball™ 2023, PUBG Mobile and Street Fighter V, fans alike were in for a show.

The tournament took place over two days, covering the four games. With a large community backing the event, there was already a likelihood of success to follow.

Global Esports Games Istanbul 2022 via Global Esports Federation
Global Esports Games Istanbul 2022 via Global Esports Federation

Each game had multiple teams participating, from eight teams in DOTA 2 to 16 teams in PUBG Mobile. There was never a dull moment during the tournament.

But... it is time to prepare for 2023.

Saudi Arabia plans to host the next event in December 2023

Only being in the first month of the year, fans and competitors are already expecting a strong year for gaming.

"Following the epic success of the Istanbul 2022 Global Esports Games, our entire #worldconnected community is really looking forward to heading to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in December this year, for our third Global Esports Games", said the CEO of Global Esports Federation, Chris Chan.

Not only is the Federation excited for 2023, but so is HRH Prince Faisal. Saudi Arabia is preparing its doors for the 2023 event.

"There is an outdated perception of gamers as people locked in basements", said HRH Prince Faisal. "Gamers are athletes, they are sociable, and they are good people. They love to be part of a community."

Global Esports Games 2022
Global Esports Games 2022

Community is everything when it comes to esports, and Saudi Arabia is looking to spread that statement.

“Sixty-eight percent of our community consider themselves gamers, and it is well-balanced between men and women."

There is a precedent that has been set for esports during these past few years, and more and more gamers are coming forward to showcase their talents.

The future for the Global Esports Federation is looking positive

With 2023 taking place in Saudi Arabia, the Federation is already planning the 2024 event, which will take place in China. This only proves how esports belongs in all parts of the world.

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