TFT Reckoning will hit live servers April 28 alongside patch 11.9 as TFT’s newest set introduces a number of new mechanics.

TFT Reckoning will hit live servers April 28 alongside patch 11.9 as TFT’s newest set introduces a number of new mechanics.

Riot Games will be releasing Teamfight Tactics’ newest set Reckoning in the 11.9 Patch Notes. The new TFT Set will introduce a number of new changes to the game’s mechanics. Here are the main things you need to know about in TFT’s newest set, Reckoning.

Here’s the full list of TFT Patch 11.9 notes.

TFT: Reckoning Set To Feature New Changes

TFT Reckoning’s Shadow Items to Change Game

Players will now be able to use Reckoning’s primary mechanic of Shadow Items starting in 11.9. 

Shadow Items are by far and large the biggest change to TFT. The new item mechanic will replace chosen units and is sure to change the meta. Instead of slow rolling for specific units. Players may now opt to throw the first few carousels to garner specific items.

Riot Games’ Cheatsheet on all the new unit traits. Which traits are you going to use shadow items for? Photo via Riot Games.

Shadow Items will also be different in that you will be able to buy them in The Armory. The Armory will be a pop-up-shop where you can buy specific items. The new shop will be similar to League of Legends item shop. 

For more information on Shadow Item’s and what it has to offer, click here.

TFT’s Newest Set Includes Interactive Arenas

Two new interactive arenas will be made available in TFT: Reckoning for Patch 11.9. The two newest arenas are called Count Spatula and Splash Party.

Count Spatula’s setting matches the theme of TFT Reckoning with a darker tonality. The interactive features include a short rock snippet and motorcycle that pop into the arena.

Meanwhile, it is a complete 180 turn on Splash Party. Instead, Splash Party will feature a bright and sunny beach vibe. The interactive feature on the arena allows a wave to splash into the arena from the side. Both provide good and fun features to the arena mechanic.

Get Ready for TFT Reckoning’s Ranked Ladder!

With the official start of TFT’s newest set, tacticians will now be able to return back to the ranked ladder. Here, players will be able to 

Everyone Starting At Same Spot

What makes this newest set different than others is the starting point for players. Instead of playing promotional games to determine rank, everyone will begin their journey at Iron II.

However, provisional games will still be part of the ranked process. The provisional process will last five games where you will not lose any LP. After those five games, the grind to Grandmaster and Challenger will really begin.

Players will now be able to practice using different compositions through the new Hyperroll mechanic.

Tft’s Newest Hyperroll mechanic will be a game mode where you can play ranked games.

TFT’s newest set Reckoning will be available for everyone starting April 28. What excites you the most about the newest set? How do you feel about the new shadow item mechanics? Let us know how you feel.

South Korean player, 8LJayWalking became the first South Korean player to secure the Set 4 TFT World Championships.

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