TeamFight Tactics patch 11.12 brings with it a new egg series called Skyglass eggs, and the first ever Mythic tier to its Little Legends.

For those of you who aren't that good at League of Legends, you will often see yourself giving Riot Games' other titles a chance. Maybe, just maybe, you are better at VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, or TeamFight Tactics. The auto-battler title got its Reckoning set back in early May. Patch 11.9 introduced new champions and traits, the Shadow mechanic, new Armory shops, and Hyper Roll, TFT’s first Lab. Today, the developers released patch 11.12. The new update brings a new egg series called 'Skyglass eggs' and the mode's first ever Mythic tier to its Little Legends.

What are Skyglass Eggs in TFT?

TeamFight Tactics' Skyglass eggs are described as the studio's "lowest cost egg to date." It also serves a purpose many players have requested before. The new egg will contain Little Legends all the way back from its 2019 launch to Spirit Blossom, and even have a chance to drop the new Mythic, URF Dowsie. However, these won't be available for long. They will only be up for purchase during the Skyglass event, which ends on July 7th. After the event they will end up in the vault.

The word URF is undoubtedly familiar with League of Legends players. The mode gets added to the client every now and then and players can enjoy playing their favorite champions with incredibly low cooldowns. You can imagine how chaotic things can get. Dowsie is a representation of the one true URF. The creature responsible for building the world of Reckoning. Understandably, considering it is the mode's first Mythic Little Legends, it will take more Star Shards to Star it up to 3, precisely 300 Shards.

Now back to TeamFight Tactics' Skyglass eggs. They cost 390RP with varying drop rates. The drop rates are as follows:

  • 70% Rare Little Legend.
  • 16% Epic Little Legend.
  • 4% Legendary (non-URF Dowsie) Little Legend.
  • 7% Pool Party Chonccs.
  • 3% URF Dowsie.

For now, URF Dowsie is alone in the Mythic tier. Hopefully, it won't be long before we see another companion joining her side.

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