Team Liquid partners with unikrn; Brazilian fans to compete against TL talent cover image

Team Liquid partners with unikrn; Brazilian fans to compete against TL talent


Read below to learn more about the Team Liquid and unikrn partnership.

Adult gamers living in Brazil will have the chance to compete against Team Liquid players as the organization teams up with unikrn, an esports betting platform.

Unique sponsorships are never scarce within esports. This one takes the cake though as one of the more innovative sponsorships in the scene.

Here is everything you need to know about the Team Liquid x unikrn sponsorship.

Fans will have the opportunity to play against their favorite Team Liquid members

Launching back in 2022 in the Netherlands, Team Liquid has been a staple in the esports community. The organization has amassed millions of fans around the world and continues to grow every day.

Their dedication to the esports scene has been largely equipped by their various ways of catering to the fans. This new partnership between Team Liquid and unikrn is no different.

The collaboration will be for those based in Brazil and will feature various challenges. Fans will have the chance to compete directly against their favorite Team Liquid player.

Team Liquid's all-women Brazillian Valorant team. Image Credit: Team Liquid
Team Liquid's all-women Brazillian Valorant team. Image Credit: Team Liquid

There will be in-app unikrn bonus rewards, social media engagements, and more during the collaboration.

The top players who compete against Team Liquid will be brought out to a LIVE in-person event later this April. A live leaderboard will be available within the unikrn app during the competition.

"Team Liquid is always looking for partnerships that add to the Cavalry fan experience," said Rafael Queiroz, general manager of Team Liquid in Brazil. "Together with unikrn — a safe, secure platform that understands the passion of gamers — we will bring fans even closer to our talent and generate exclusive content, tailor-made for gamers in the country."

unikrn gives users the chance to bet on their favorite esports leagues

Established in 2014, unikrn has labeled themselves as the most expansive esports betting platform on the market. The company has set their sights on working with the best.

“Team Liquid is a decorated and premier esports organization that, like all of us at unikrn, truly understands the importance of putting players first,” said Justin Dellario; CEO of unikrn. “We look forward to celebrating our recent Brazilian launch by bringing some of the greatest fans on earth an experience that allows them to bet on and engage with their favorite pro players.”

Liquid FRTTT via Twitter
Liquid FRTTT via Twitter

The app allows for multiple different forms of esports betting. This includes betting on live events to betting on yourself in your own ranked match.

With creators like Haru, FRTTT and more attending the April in-person event, gamers are preparing to gear up for some heavy competition.

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