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SypherPK reveals Oni Studios, his new streaming studio worth $10 million cover image

SypherPK reveals Oni Studios, his new streaming studio worth $10 million


SypherPK shares with the world his first reveal of Oni Studios, his $10 million streaming studio.

With his commitment to streaming and elevating content to the next level, SypherPK has officially revealed his new $10 million streaming studio, Oni Studios.
Oni Studios is set to bring a whole new meaning to streaming. The location is a must-visit production location for aspiring streamers. The studio is currently located in Austin, Texas.

It's time to push streaming past the "Bedroom Broadcast"

After being announced two years ago, Oni Studios has already grown to $12 million in yearly revenue before being revealed. Creators involved in the studio will have a chance to bring their content to new heights, giving them the assets they need to be successful.
The studio is there to provide support to their signed creators, helping them bring all of their content ideas to life. Creativity is important when It comes to content creation.
Oni Studios will make sure every creator embraces that creativity in the best way possible.
Oni Studios
Oni Studios
Their Oni Incubator program will welcome new creators, helping them grow. For example, their first signee, Reckz, already grew his following from 240 YouTube subs to 30,000.
Reckz made his brand profitable in just two weeks.

Oni Studios is the first of its kind, bringing multiple aspects to the table

With 50 workstations, Oni Studios is already proving to be a comprehensive and revolutionary addition to the streaming world.
The studio includes two podcast studios, a massive 30’ high swing space capable of housing physical sets, Sypher’s "big desk" stream room and five streaming decks.
Oni Studios stream room
Oni Studios stream room
Additionally, there are also huge conference rooms, a basketball "dunk lane," an additional photography studio, a staff lounge and a huge commercial kitchen.
Oni Studios conference room
Oni Studios conference room
Every characteristic of Oni Studios is an example of SypkerPK's immersive creativity. He has continued to set a precedent for the content and gaming world over and over again.

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Bryson Maddock
Bryson Maddock
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