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Super Nintendo World comes to Universal Studios cover image

Super Nintendo World comes to Universal Studios


Nintendo comes to Universal Studios Hollywood on the Feb. 17 with Super Nintendo World

To many of us old-timers, Nintendo has been in our lives for decades whether it's through their Nintendo Boy or their Nintendo Wii-U. This is the brand that shaped our childhood and made us the gamers we are today. Super Nintendo World might be just what we need to relive our childhood.
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Universal Hollywood has just announced the launch of its brand new park, Super Nintendo World which opens on the Feb. 17, 2023. It will be an innovative and immersive themed park and will mark the debut of Super Nintendo World in the United States.
The first Super Nintendo World opened in Universal Studios Japan in 2021. Another two are be due to open in Universal Studios Singapore and the new Universal's Epic Universe, Orlando.

What's Super Nintendo World Hollywood going to be like?

Super Nintendo World will contain many thrilling and interactive activities for the entire family to join in on. These include "Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge" ride, an augmented reality game inspired by the racing game of the same namesake and "Bowser's Castle," featuring engaging real-life gameplay.
Some of this gameplay includes punching blocks to collect digital coins. It also includes interactive binoculars that employ augmented reality technology to experience the land. Once the four key challenges are beat and keys are collected, guests are allowed access to the boss battle against Bowser Jr.
The moment guests enter and disappear through the green pipe, we emerge in Super Nintendo World, a world of exploration, and begin a journey of discovery and play. The journey will start at Peach's Castle before they venture into the Mushroom Kingdom. Guests would be able to experience a 360-degree world of Mario, Luigi & Princess Peach. On top of the rides and activities, there will be themed dining at "Toadstool Cafe" and shopping at the "1-Up Factory" retail store.
Beyond this, guests will be able to explore Super Nintendo World and do more activities with the Power-up Band, which come in six design options. These are linked to the Universal Studios Hollywood free downloadable app, which enhances many interactive elements in the park. These will keep track of both individual and team scores, collect digital coins, and gather keys from winning challenges. These Power-Up Bands will also allow extra-special interactions with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach!
Are you guys Nintendo geeks and ready to explore the park next year?
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Ruie Merican
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