Streams Charts launches MIRAI as new influencer agency cover image

Streams Charts launches MIRAI as new influencer agency

In addition to the states, MIRAI’s reach extends to Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Streams Charts has launched MIRAI as an influencer marketing agency. MIRAI's goal is to connect brands across diverse markets with influential creators.

Streams Charts launches MIRAI

In addition to the states, MIRAI's reach includes Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Over the years, Streams Charts has collaborated with international brands such as HyperX, Monster Energy, and more.

"Having worked closely with brands and streamers for over three years now, we noticed that marketing stakeholders don't always take the suitable approach to influencer marketing analysis," Nazar Babenko, the product manager at Streams Charts, said. "The key way to improve campaign effectiveness remains underutilized."

Babenko then expressed confidence in MIRAI's ability to cover the entire process of connecting brands with streamer communities. He added that Streams Charts' data-driven deals will benefit these parties as well.

What is MIRAI by Streams Charts?

Launched by Streams Charts, MIRAI is a company that offers end-to-end campaign management, creator partner programs, brand consulting, market insights plus analysis, talent recruitment, and exclusive campaign reporting. End-to-end campaign management, for example, involves promoting brands on livestreaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Kick, and Instagram.

According to the influencer marketing agency's official website, "mirai" means "the future" in Japanese. This goes with Streams Charts' objective in shaping the future of digital content creation in conjunction with brand promotion.

What is Streams Charts?

As for Streams Charts itself, it's a streaming analytics platform that gives users insights and data on different channels, streams, and games on broadcasting platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

In an interview with, Babenko revealed Streams Charts' history, how it operates, and its impact on the livestreaming market. The interview also highlighted insights from Artyom Odintsov, who is the CEO and co-founder of Streams Charts and Esports Charts.

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