Stormgate closed beta announced for December  cover image

Stormgate closed beta announced for December 

Stormgate will enter closed beta in December, and you can sign up to be one of the first to play Frost Giant Studios’ new RTS.

Stormgate, the highly anticipated sci-fi real time strategy game from Frost Giant Studios finally has a date for its closed beta. The game has been in a closed alpha test with professional RTS gamers and developers for several months, but a closed beta was revealed on social media on Nov. 3.

This closed beta, which is set to start in December, will reportedly feature three-player co-op vs. AI mode, that will see three human players take on three AI opponents. The closed beta will also feature 1v1 PvP, but not the 3v3 which was one of the most touted game modes. After a period of beta testing, the game is schedule to release into early access. This is when 3v3 PvP will be added to the game.

As the announcement post on Reddit describes: “Why Early Access, you may ask? Well, we have been inspired by recent Early Access success stories such as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Hades, as well as the incredible feedback we’ve received from our playtesters during closed alpha. Because of all the development benefits of Early Access, PC gamers have been able to enjoy some of the most incredible releases in history.”

During this early access period, Frost Giant Studios will reportedly continue working on the custom games editor, as well as the games many surprising features. Stormgate is set to be the first RTS to utilize rollback netcode, and feedback from initial alpha testing has reportedly been extremely positive, according to Frost Giant Studios.

How to sign up for Stormgate’s closed beta

(Image via Frost Giant Games)
(Image via Frost Giant Games)

You can sign up for Stormgate closed beta by applying on the website. You can also reportedly have a better chance of getting a slot if you fill out the accompanying survey.

Perfect timing?

The timing of the closed beta announcement seems primed to attract RTS players disappointed by a lack of news about Blizzard’s RTS games like WarCraft and Starcraft, at BlizzCon 2023. The announcement of the closed beta was made during BlizzCon (Nov. 3). This, and the reveal of a new MMO by former WoW devs, codenamed Ghost, are just a few of the announcements strategically released to capitalize on BlizzCon hype.

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