An ISP support representative claims it was an order “from above.”

According to various posts online, Steam appears to have been banned in Vietnam as of May 7. Vietnamese users on Steam forums, Reddit, and other social media platforms state that their internet service provider (ISPs) are completely blocking access to the platform.

There is currently no official explanation from ISPs or the government for Steam's ban. However, people believe this may due to a large amount of the platform's content not adhering to local regulations.

Screenshot of Reddit post on r/Steam (Image via
Screenshot of Reddit post on r/Steam (Image via

Why is Vietnam banning Steam?

Various Vietnamese users on Steam, Reddit, and other social media all report the same thing. From one moment to the next, ISPs are banning all access to the Steam platform in Vietnam. The community on r/Helldivers humorously notes the timing of this occurring mere days after their victory over Sony's PSN requirement.

Users suspect Steam's ban to be an action by the Vietnamese government. One commenter on Steam reports an ISP support representative describing the order as "from above."

There is yet to be any official statements by any Vietnamese ISP or the government itself. However, a translation of this article reveals a possible motivation for Steam's ban in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, games featuring violence and other sensitive content require censorship in accordance with the law. Steam is reportedly distributing many "violent [and] adult games …but not asking permission."

The article also states that with no Steam office or official contact in Vietnam, "authorities are looking for solutions." It appears that the solution they are arriving at may be a total ban on Steam in Vietnam.

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