Stardew Valley breaks all-time Steam Charts record cover image

Stardew Valley breaks all-time Steam Charts record

Stardew Valley would be killing on the Stalk Market right now.

Stardew Valley, the beloved cozy farming game, absolutely shattered its all-time player peak on Steam Charts. ConcernedApe, the single developer behind the game, dropped update 1.6 yesterday to much anticipation and fanfare, which led to the highest ever number of players online at once.

What is the new peak for Stardew Valley on Steam Charts?

Stardew Valley's all-time record high was hit on Wednesday, March 20 (Image via
Stardew Valley's all-time record high was hit on Wednesday, March 20 (Image via

Why are so many people playing Stardew Valley?

As of the publication of this article, the new highest all-time peak for Stardew Valley is a whopping 147,061 players. Comparatively, the previous all-time number was 94,879 in early 2021, so you can see how resoundingly huge the new peak is for the game.

Stardew Valley is seeing such a boom in players because of the massive Version 1.6 update that ConcernedApe just released on March 19th, which just happens to also be the first day of spring!

ConcernedApe teased the drop of the 1.6 update for a long time, which built an insane level of hype for a game that is already the favorite of every cozy game streamer in the world. Most of the hype was built by ConcernedApe tweeting out single sentences from the patch notes. These included a new farm type, a new honeymoon period for NPCs, and drinking mayonnaise. Yum!

After those breadcrumbs for changes to come, fans were on their hands and knees begging for the update to come out. Clearly, the build-up was a good strategy, as the Steam Charts numbers say it all!

What's in Update 1.6?

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update is absolutely massive. It includes updates to every conceivable aspect of the game, adding content, improving NPCs, and making much needed quality-of-life changes. In fact, the update is far too big to list everything here. However, we do have a highlight reel of the update for you to peruse if you don’t have time for the full list.

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