Scott “Day9” Plott has announced his new game studio, which will be developing a new multiplayer strategy game for PC. Day9 comes with swathes of experience in the multiplayer strategy esports space and is a household name within the community.

Former Starcraft pro, commentator, and content creator Sean "Day9" Plott has announced his new game studio on Twitter. Recognized as a legend among the Starcraft community for his contributions to the game's competitive scene, in and out of the game, he is now the founder of a new game studio. With his new studio, he's now shooting his shot at game development.

According to his Tweet, the studio is already funded and recruiting developers for a multiplayer PC strategy game. His interest in developing such a video game aligns with his experience as a Starcraft veteran. His involvement with multiplayer strategy titles also includes MOBAs like Dota 2, and card games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

Day9 is hiring for his new game studio

His Tweet also includes information about the positions he will be recruiting for. The studio is looking for a technical director and art director. This is indicative of the fact that the studio is at its inception stage and looking for directors to lead key departments. Taking into consideration the fact that Day9 is considered a household name within the multiplayer RTS community, he'll have plenty of connections in the space. It'll be interesting to see who joins him in these roles.

Sean Plott's game development experience

In addition to his experience within the Starcraft community, Day9 also features game development experience on his illustrious resume. In 2013, he joined Artillery, a new game development studio to work on the free-to-play RTS title Guardians of Atlas. He left the studio in 2016 to pursue other ventures. While Guardians of Atlas was discontinued, his experience with the studio will certainly help with his new company.

Sean covered the announcement in his latest stream, which is up on his YouTube channel. Several prominent esports community members have congratulated him on his new project, expressing their support.

Day9 garners plenty of respect among the community and it'll be interesting to see what his new studio comes up with. His work speaks for itself, but Game Development can be a whole new ball game. Establishing his presence in the community since the Starcraft: Brood War days is sure to help him in this endeavor.

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