Sony is jacking up the PS Plus price without any additions cover image

Sony is jacking up the PS Plus price without any additions

Sony just announced a massive PS Plus price increase, with nothing new to show for it. Let’s look at just how much more you’ll pay to play.

If you're like me and only keep subscribing to Sony's PS Plus monthly subscription service so you can keep playing Street Fighter 6, then good news! Wait. Bad news. It's bad. Sony announced in a blog post today that the PS Plus price is getting a massive price hike per year. While only the increase for the 12-month subscription was revealed, it's safe to assume the monthly plans will soon follow suit.

But have no fear! As with most things, that massive pricetag increase is coming along with a bevy of new features. The various improvements include... Um. Hmm. Weird, there's nothing here but a big, blank space.

Maybe Sony forgot to add that part. Let's look at the cost increase and how Sony is justifying the decision.

How much is the PS Plus price going up?

Starting on Sept. 6 the PS Plus price will go up on all three of its 12-month subscriptions. This includes the Premium, Extra, and Essential plans that all offer various levels of perks. Here price increase looks like this:

Essential - $79.99 (from $59.99)

Extra - $134.99 (from $99.99)

Premium - $159.99 (from $119.99)

That is a not-small price increase. While we live in a world where monthly subscriptions are slowly beginning to eat the consumer's wallets by inches, a 40 dollar price increase is another story altogether. Despite this, Sony claims that this will allow the publisher to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service.” 

Sure. And if you were expecting some kind of short-term benefit to come along with the PS Plus price change then you're out of luck. No new perks, just a new price. Like we said, don't be too shocked when the monthly price also goes up. It's somewhat of a strange thing to announce a price hike on the yearly subscription--a thing that is usually where you save money for committing.

The price increase won't hit you until your next renewal. So, maybe consider this your sign to re-up now before you get dinged for an extra 40 bucks.

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