SonicFox challenges scrub to the ultimate match: $10K or furry suit up cover image

SonicFox challenges scrub to the ultimate match: $10K or furry suit up

What started as a troll comment to EVO legend SonicFox turned into the ultimate money match: $10k in cash or a furry suit. Who would win?

Now... I'm not going to be out here trying to tell people how to live their lives. Just know that, for your own safety, there's some things you don't do. Don't swim after eating a meal. Avoid hugging a bear whenever possible. And for the love of god, don't challenge SonicFox to a high-stakes Mortal Kombat 11 set. Confused? Let's walk through one of the weirdest online moments in FGC history that went down tonight.

In case you aren't terminally online like this writer, let's explain the strange series of events that can only happen in the fighting game community. Most of all, let's tell the tale of a random scrub that thought they could step to the non-binary king of Mortal Kombat.

SonicFox furry challenge: Money or suit up

For those out of the loop: Dominique "SonicFox" McLean is an FGC superstar, multiple time EVO champion, and a non-binary furry. Known for donning the fursona during matches and on social media, it's a core aspect of their personality. So, when a random internet troll with--at the time--no followers challenges the multi-time EVO champ to a set you'd think it would get ignored.

Haha, nope. In fact, SonicFox upped the ante in light of @BradonNinjaaa and their inflammatory, insensitive comments about the champ and their furry lifestyle. The stakes: If SonicFox loses they'll give this rando $10,000 USD. However, when McLean wins the scrub must don their own fursona--a furry suit.

Now, typically this could all be written off as internet tough guy talk. Some nobody says they can beat one of the most talented fighting game players of all time. Lots of laughs and a good time. But as evidenced by past online feuds this challenge was very real to SonicFox.

Robocop says "Furries rule!"

What follows in the SonicFox furry challenge is a series of hemming and hawing between a very series FGC legend and an online challenge looking to back out. The chain of events include Bradon claiming his PS Plus was out of date... And someone from the peanut gallery buying him a subscription.

There was no running from this challenge. And so, after tens of minutes of stalling and interrupting the fight was on. Selecting the off-meta choice of Robocop, the SonicFox challenge was on.

And over almost as fast as it started.

What followed was the kind of beatdown reserved for 1980s action movies. Spamming projectiles across the screen, SonicFox made quick work of the upstart challenger. However, the beating continued after McLean dropped a 'Mercy' finisher on Bradon, giving the loser another shot at that $10,000 dollars.

Just to get knocked down again.

The player known as GGMaidenSlayer proceeded to do what any good internet troll would at this point: Run away and disconnect. However, the furry challenge was quite real to the MK11 conqueror.

Meanwhile, SonicFox was enjoying the moment and dropped the all-important poll in their Twitch chat, seen below.

The furry-based aftermath

This bizarre FGC incident saw seen by at least six thousand viewers on SonicFox's Twitch channel. Meanwhile, Bradon admitted partial defeat on his Twitter. Much like The Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail saying that both of his arms being cut off was "merely a flesh wound."

But... uh, my man. This was a real challenge. And to quote Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, it's time to suit up.

Oh... friend. We don't joke about fursuits around these parts. Go with the wolf, it's a classic for a reason.

Update 9:17 p.m.: SonicFox made a call to the furry art community of Twitter to create a new fursona for Bradon. Here's some that popped up.

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