Skull and Bones has its first significant update since Season 2’s launch, with the S2.0.2 patch notes addressing several issues.

Skull and Bones Season 2 is underway with plenty of new content for you pirates to enjoy. Whether you're a looter, a raider, or you just enjoy sailing, there's something for you. And with Skull and Bones patch S2.0.2, some tweaks and fixes make it much easier for everyone.

Let's go over what to expect from the update, via its patch notes.

Skull and Bones S2.0.2 gameplay updates

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

The changes to manufactories was a big part of Season 2's appeal. You can assign ships to collect Pieces of Eight, gain manufactories through new methods, and you even have to defend them.

The latter portion is a new mode to the game, with many pirates stating an update of some kind is necessary. Well, Skull and Bones S2.0.2 delivers a patch that addresses our concerns.

  • Decreased the generation rate for manufactory defense depending on the number of manufactories you own. The Manufactory Defense opportunity will not be generated if you own less than 12 Manufactories.

Here is a table with the original percentages compared to the updated version:

Manufactory Owned% of happeningManufactory Owned% of happening

Skull and Bones S2.0.2 bug fixes

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

The next set of issues addressed with the Skull and Bones S2.0.2 patch notes are bugs. Bugs can absolutely ruin the experience for many pirate Kingpins, so it is great to see Ubisoft fix them as soon as possible.

  • Fixed an issue where the contract objective counter does not update for the contract "Ballad of Blitz."
  • Fixed an issue where the Dragon's Regatta contract was not available at the Shipwright.
  • Fixed an issue where players lost items after upgrading their ship.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs at the end of the Helm Wager opportunity.
  • Fixed a server crash that occurs when the Manufactory Defense opportunity is generated.

These seem simple enough, but being unable to complete an objective or having your game crash after an important opportunity can be brutal.

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