According to leaks, The Sims 4 will release two more Kits to end the first quarter of 2024!

An official Electronic Arts (EA) creator accidentally leaked two upcoming The Sims 4 Kits via a giveaway on his social media. The post mentioned two Kits that are not yet released in the game - Party Essentials Kit and Urban Homage Kit. This also aligns with The Sims 4 roadmap from January to April, so we can expect these Kits to arrive in game soon!

*Information courtesy of The Sims Community!

Party Essentials Kit (Build Kit)

(Image via Sims Community)
(Image via Sims Community)

The leaks to Party Essential Kit shows all those exciting celebratory clutters that you can use in Build Mode. There are variety of balloons, a bedazzling Disco ball, and bright neon signs. On top of that, the leaks also showed a Smoke Machine to add to the party vibes.

Urban Homage Kit (CAS Kit)

(Image via Sims Community)
(Image via Sims Community)

The Urban Homage Kit is a Create-A-Sim (CAS) Kit used to customize your Sims characters. Just like its name, this upcoming Kit will provide various cultural products to pay tribute to the Urban lifestyle. Players will be able to celebrate diversity with better selection to hairstyles, clothes, and more!

Release date of Party Essentials and Urban Homage Kits

There is no official release date confirmed for both the Kits, they are indeed merely leaks for now. The EA staff giveaway marked a deadline for his giveaway on April 18th which gives us a clue to when they might drop. We can likely expect the Party Essentials and Urban Homage Kits to be released before or on April 18th.

Note that the EA creator, Nick Baker, has since deleted his post as the "giveaway codes were mistakenly made available too early." All information gathered from The Sims Community here.

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