Only you can pilot the Evangelion fight stick and prove your megalomaniacle father wrong!

While it appears that the release of Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 is the end of the franchise as an anime product, the same cannot be said for licensed merch. Coming off a string of gaming hardware-related releases such as the ROG Evangelion-themed motherboard is a new addition: An Evangelion fight stick, just in time for the year of our fighting games, 2023.

Announced by Japanese hardware manufacturer Answer, the Evangelion e: Project Arcade Controller is an expensive must-have for any true fan of giant robots and existential dread.

Congratulations! An Evangelion fight stick

Themed around the iconic Unit-One Evangelion, this branded fight stick works with PC, PS4, PS3, and Switch according to the manufacturer. Coming in at a price tag of 32,780 yen--slightly under $240 USD--this stick features only the best Sanwa parts. The stick uses a four-way gate, and in addition to light-up LEDs it also opens from the back for easy repair and modifications.

The inside also houses a space for the Evangelion fight stick's cord and additional buttons for easy travel. In a nice touch, it also comes with an appropriate type of screwdriver or taking on modifications yourself. Likewise, there's a ton of quality-of-life features on this controller. This includes a side button layout so you don't accidentally hit 'start' during a match and lose a round.

As far as branded fight sticks go you can do a lot worse than this beautiful piece of anime merch. However, if you want one then you'll need to move fast. As it appears they're only selling so many of these bad boys. If you so wish, go reserve one now at this link and prepare to take on the likes of Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1, and more with all the confidence of Shinji Ikari.

Which is to say, get bodied 0-2 from a tournament and then cry about it for 26 episodes.

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