Respawn’s Star Wars FPS game cancelled as part of EA layoffs cover image

Respawn’s Star Wars FPS game cancelled as part of EA layoffs

This title has been lost to the force.

It's understood that the Respawn Star Wars FPS game has been cancelled. The project was dropped as part of a round of layoffs, and a refocusing, at the games publisher Electronic Arts (EA).

Respawn will continue to focus on both Apex Legends and Star Wars: Jedi games.

The title, which was first announced back in January 2022, was hiring staff recently and this project being cancelled has come as a surprise.

Order 66 has been executed on the Respawn Star Wars FPS game

There was a lot of excitement around the planned Star Wars FPS game from Respawn. Fans still love the last iteration of Star Wars Battlefront. That series is so loved that they are even rebooting the original versions for modern consoles. Plus, Apex Legends is one of the most enjoyable shooters around and Star Wars fans were keen to see their take on a Star Wars shooter.

The game was set to feature a Mandalorian protagonist, but other than that not much was known about the project. EA has two other announced Star Wars projects. The third installment of the Jedi series will go ahead. The future of EA's Star Wars strategy game is not yet confirmed however.

According to IGN, the team that were working on Respawn's Star Wars FPS game will largely be moving to other projects. This includes things like Apex Legends, Iron Man, Black Panther and the third installment in the Jedi series.

Star Wars Jedi series is safe

There was some initial concern for the Star Wars: Jedi franchise. In their memo announcing the layoffs, EA expressed a desire to focus on their owned IPs. However, the Star Wars: Jedi games have been incredibly successful and EA are happy to keep a focus on a long standing relationship with Disney and Marvel.

The third iteration of the Star Wars: Jedi franchise does not yet have a release date. With the four year gap between Fallen Order (2019) and Survivor (2023) we might not see that game for several years. Although, the move away from the Respawn Star Wars FPS game might help speed up this game's development.

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