Red Bull ‘Raise Your Game’ event to return to the UK cover image

Red Bull ‘Raise Your Game’ event to return to the UK

The Red Bull “Raise Your Game” event returns!

Getting to play with your favorite pro gamer is something many wish to do but never will. Red Bull Gaming, though, is working hard to make that dream become a reality for a lucky few competitors. The company announced the Red Bull "Raise Your Game" event, which will take place in the UK.

The event, which was first held in 2023, saw a massive amount of success. Due to its popularity, Red Bull Gaming has decided to make it happen again. The event will take place on April 1st, opening its doors to anyone living in the UK.

How to enter into the Red Bull 'Raise Your Game' event

Entering into the Raise Your Game event is quite easy, but you must be a UK citizen and 18 years or older. If both those necessities apply to you, then you are good to apply.

Red Bull Gaming seems to be taking a more descriptive approach to this event, as it is not necessarily a tournament for players to compete in. Instead, people hoping to win will need to fill out a form through the event's virtual Red Bull Gaming Sphere.

The pros involved will then look over the separate applications and decide who they want to win and be a part of their workshop.

This gives players the opportunity to share their ambitions as a gamer, creator and more with their favorite pro players in hopes that they get chosen to learn from the best of the best.

Want to enter the event? You can do so here.

What pro gamers will be participating?

So which UK pro gamers will be participating in the event? As of now, there are two massive pro players that entrees will be able to apply to work with.

The first pro player introduced is Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James, the popular Call of Duty and Warzone competitor. Jukeyz is widely considered one of the best players in the world, making working with him an amazing opportunity.

The event also will include Joseph 'Noly' Kidd, who is known as one of the greats within the competitive Rocket League scene. The division between two different games already sets up the event for some diversity, making gamers hopeful for its success.

Both players will choose three people to win in the event.

Not only will players have a chance to meet their favorite pro gamer, but the first 500 entrants will receive a four-pack of Red Bull sent to them.

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