Think you have the best aim in America?

Despite the difference in games, people still question who just has the best aim when it comes to video games. Do CS:GO and Valorant players take the cake? Or is one of the many Battle Royale competitors number one? Red Bull Gaming is determined to figure out that answer, as they are partnering with Aimlabs to host a $50,000 tournament to figure out who has the best aim in America.

Red Bull Ready Check
Red Bull Ready Check

Here is everything you need to know about the Red Bull Gaming x Aimlabs $50,000 tournament.

Who has the best aim in America? Red Bull Gaming and Aimlabs are attempting to figure that out with a $50,000 tournament

The tournament, titled "Red Bull Ready Check", will be held using the brand-new Red Bull Ready Check Ranked Mode on Aimlabs. The game mode will evaluate players' flicking, switching and tracking over the course of nine custom tasks.

The game mode will have its own ranked system, which will give players a rank after completing the nine custom tasks.

Read Bull Ready Check Ranked
Read Bull Ready Check Ranked

Want a chance to compete? Red Bull Gaming is hosting four pop-up events throughout the US, giving competitors a chance to go to finals.

Red Bull Ready Check Qualifier Dates and Locations:

  • Kansas City, MO Regional
    • June 16-17 at Midwest Fest 2023
  • Birmingham, AL Regional
    • June 12 - July 9 at EPLEX LAN Center
  • New York Regional
    • June 20 - July 5 at OS NYC
    • June 20 - July 5 at BrookLAN
  • Los Angeles Regional
    • June 11 – July 8 at Local Host Fullerton
    • June 11 – July 8th at Ultimate Esports (Buena Park)

The player with the highest score at the end of each qualifier will head to Finals.

Red Bull Ready Check Finals Date and Location:

  • Dallas, Texas
    • July 29 at Echo Lounge

There will also be a last-chance qualifier event held at the Echo Lounge on the morning of the Finals.

So... who has the best aim in America? Is it you?

The tournament is a brand-new spectacle for the esports community. This will allow players from all different games to compete against one another, determining which game provides players with the best aim.

I would have never expected Red Bull to put together an aiming tournament like this, but honestly... I am all for it.

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