Cure Rare Disease is hosting Rare Rave 2022, a 72-hour non-stop music stream to fundraise for kids impacted by fatal, rare diseases. Find out how to support their initiative and how to get involved.

The pandemic has meant live musical festivals have been few and far between, but Cure Rare Disease is looking to recreate that vibe online this coming weekend with Rare Rave.

Rare Rave will be a 72-hour non-stop music stream aimed at offering a little something for everybody while also raising money for an incredible cause.

Cure Rare Disease raises money to develop life-saving cures for kids impact by fatal, rare diseases.

Rare Rave 2022

Tell me more about Rare Rave!

The main Rare Rave 2022 stream on the Cure Rare Disease Twitch channel will feature 70 DJs from 17 different countries playing live sets non-stop, all to raise funds for those impacted by rare diseases.

There will be hip hop DJs, drum n bass, trance, hard style and a variety of other genres. So yes, this is an excellent stream to pop on your second monitor while you game.

The Rare Rave 2022 will run from Friday 25th February to Monday 28th February and be pinned the frontpage of Twitch for the ENTIRE 72 hours!

Some of the big DJ names getting involved include:

Rare Rave 2022 line-up of DJs
Guest DJs include (clockwise from top left): LionaStone, Vanessa Lopez, MissShelton, Blklight (photo credit: @photosbydutches) and DJYasmina

How can I get involved?

On top of a massive list of DJs, Twitch musicians are also coming out to support the cause on their own channels.

Over two dozen live musicians and singers will be supporting the Rare Rave weekend and trying to raise money for the cause, and you can too!

To get started simple join the Cure Rare Disease Ambassadors Discord and visit the “getting-started” channel to get equipped with all the resources you need. Remember you can do this at any time of the year you wish, so if you’re not free this weekend but you are the next then go for it!

You can support the Rare Rave 2022 via the fundraise page on StreamLabsCharity

If you’re not a streamer or a musician you can also support the Cure Rare Disease cause by listening to the stream, or by donating. StreamLabsCharity has an easy to use donate page that will also keep live track of the fundraising efforts over the course of the weekend.’s partner Cure Rare Disease is aiming to raise $50,000 from the Rare Rave 2022, so get involved because every little helps!


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