The Completionist has shared the horror of purchasing every single 3DS and Wii U game before the eShop closure.

A YouTuber purchased every single game on the 3DS and Wii U eShop before Nintendo closed down the service.

YouTuber The Completionist is known for, well, completing every game he plays. He gets every achievement and in-game award and has been documenting this incredible mission for over a decade. Now, The Completionist also has the complete collection for every game on both the 3DS and the Wii U.

As of this month, Nintendo has removed both systems from its eShop, an unpopular decision amongst Nintendo fans. Knowing this was looming before him, The Completionist — or Jirard — decided to buy every single game for both consoles.

And it wasn't as straightforward as gamers may believe.

Nintendo eShop frustrations mount for The Completionist

The first step was having enough eShop funds to buy every single game. He ended up buying Nintendo eShop cards from in-person stores since he figured his bank would flag his account if he dumped a huge chunk of money into the eShop. He even had to have friends purchase some of the cards since some retailers only allowed a certain amount to be sold to an individual at a time.

When Jirard reached $18,000 in eShop funds, his credit card was frozen.

After getting over this obstacle, he was met with another major challenge. Apparently, you can only have $250 at a time in your Nintendo wallet. That meant he had to load in more money as he went, making the process very tedious.

Oh, and then Jirard found out that he could only store 300 games on his external hard drive and memory card on the systems. No matter how much memory he added to his 3DS and Wii U, he still wasn't allowed to have more than 300 games. This was a huge problem since the games would need to be in his storage to keep them after the eShop closed. The process was very tedious, even just listening to it.

The amount of roadblocks he ran into had Jirard feeling very salty about Nintendo.

So that wasn't it.

Apparently, some of the games on the 3DS had restrictions when it came to when you could pay for DLC. For example, some titles required that he complete the entire game to have access to the DLC. With the shut-down looming overhead, this was very, very stressful. Especially for someone that needs to complete the game 100% every time.

In the end, however, The Completionist was able to accomplish his goal. He wound up with 2,413 games between both systems — 866 on the Wii U and 1,547 on the 3DS.

"This whole ordeal took 328 days, required 464 eShop cards, and cost $22,791," he said.

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