PUBG Corporation and Krafton have announced the details for PUBG esports next year, including the return of a community favourite event.

With PGC 2021 just recently finished, Krafton and PUBG Corporation have announced the structure of PUBG’s competitive scene for next year. It settles into the format that they used to close out 2021, while bringing back a fan favourite event – the PUBG Nations Cup.

The PUBG Nations Cup is back!

The big headline is the return of PNC. The PUBG Nations Cup has teams created by nationality, in the style of “world cup” events. The event ran once before, in 2019, when it was won by Russia.

PNC is one of the last esports tournaments run by nationality, with the Overwatch World Cup being shut down. But international tournaments are huge in traditional sports, and PNC 2019 was a huge success and a fan favourite event. If PNC 2022 goes well, perhaps it will revitalize the “world cup” style of tournaments in esports.

Branding for PNC 2019. That event was a fan favourite and a success. PNC is returning for 2022. Image via PUBG Corporation.

PNC 2022 will take place in June, between online events that qualify teams for the Global Championship. If things go as well as they did last time, it should be a fun break from ultra-competitive play and give PUBG fans a tournament style that’s mostly unique in esports.

Year-long format is solidified

The structure and schedule of PUBG Esports in 2022. Image via PUBG Corporation.

Apart from PNC, the year-long format for PUBG in 2022 looks fairly simple. It’s a return to what we saw in the later months of 2021. There will be two PUBG Continental Series events; online events that give teams circuit points. They qualify teams for the PUBG Global Championship at the end of the year. 2021’s edition just wrapped up, with Chinese squad NewHappy as the winners.

In 2021, two PCS events were squeezed into less than a year. In 2022, there’s again two Continental Series, but over the whole year, and each has several months of qualifiers. For 2021, these were mostly done by third parties, and gave points towards PGC as well, albeit less than PCS. It hasn’t been announced if things will work the same way in 2022, but it’s likely.

PUBG Esports in 2022 is sure to be exciting. Stay tuned to for the latest PUBG news and updates.

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