Palworld is taking over and one certain mood-altered Pal called Depresso seems to be leading the charge. Metaphorically. He’s super indifferent, actually.

We must respect a neurotypical king. While there's been much debate--and will continue until further notice--about Palworld and its not so subtle, Pokémon-like aesthetic, one thing is true. Some of these Pals are bangers that contribute to the absurd, Dada-esque survival game of potential ill-repute. Enter number 17 on the Palworld 'PalDeck,' Depresso.

Look at him! Have you ever seen any being that perfectly encapsulates the ever-growing fugue state that we all find ourselves in now on a daily basis? This man has three modes: Absolute apathy for every job and thing around him, sleep, and a look of bliss upon receiving headpats that I can only dream about.

And the internet has caught on, as Depresso is quickly becoming a darling of the web and everyone's fursona.

Enter, Depresso

The real hint that Palworld may not be just a flash in the pan pocket monster-killer is the designs. Much like Digimon--arguably the only competitor to hang with the Pokemon franchise--the Pals of Palworld have a lot of pizzazz. Some of that is implied charisma. Let's be honest, each Pal really only has about ten frames of animation. But even still, Depresso managed to steal my Palworld heart with a mere glance.

Let's look at the man, the myth, the pal.

Depresso statistics, skills, PalDeck info

  • Deck No.
    • #017
  • Drop(s)
    • Venom Gland
  • Partner Skill
    • Caffeine Inoculation
      • When activated, Depresso drinks a massive amount of energy drinks, causing its movement speed to increase.
  • Work Suitability
    • Handiwork
    • Mining
    • Transporting
  • PalDeck entry - Depresso
    • It has few friends because of the perpetually grouchy look on its face, but it is in fact kindhearted. Some have seen it feeding Vixy who have strayed from their pack.

Which is all to say that this little moodswing on two feet isn't a particularly great fighter. However, his Partner Skill makes him an excellent miner and carrier of materials. There's an added bonus of returning to your camp and seeing the best resting jerk face this side of Eeyore. But have no fear, because as his 'Deck entry states he's a good guy deep down.

And that must be coming through, because the internet? Loves Depresso. Obviously.

Sure, he's not going to get you through any boss fights. Yes, he may also be permanently in the middle of quiet quitting from life itself. But that doesn't mean that Depresso isn't quickly becoming one of the most sought after Palworld buddies around based on TikTok and YouTube clips. Fun fact: His name was actually selected by the fans during a Name This Pal event and references to the 'less depresso, more espresso' meme.

Will we get more Depresso in the future? My hope is that with this influx of money from five billion copies sold that we're going to see Palworld get further upgrades and features. I'd love it if Depresso could evolve into something even more in a state of ennui.... Like an REM fan.

Palworld is out now, Depresso is forever.

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