Fans of KFC and Diablo can now combine the two in their quest to gain a Diablo IV beta code.

Ever thought your KFC order would bring you into the far depths of hell? Well, for a limited time, those who order a Double Down sandwich at the fast food restaurant, will get a free access code to Diablo IV's beta.

For the moment though, there is no official date posted for when the promotion will take place, but various Reddit users predict it will be March 17-19.

The official promotion with KFC and Blizzard's Diablo IV however will begin on March 6. The game is currently set to release this summer on June 2.

Diablo IV and gaming combine as KFC rewards those who purchase their Double Down sandwich

The Double Down KFC sandwich replaces bread with pieces of fried chicken. Between the two fillets are bacon, cheese and a special sauce.

Sounds like a lot right?

KFC's Double Down via Brand Eating
KFC's Double Down via Brand Eating

The new sandwich is the perfect representation of Diablo IV, as it is just as chaotic as it sounds.

Whether or not this promotion will be available everywhere is unknown, but new details should surface within the coming weeks.

How to claim your beta access code

Once the promotion is live, people will have a few days to access their code. Grabbing yours is simple.

First, you must order the sandwich online through or through their mobile app. Once that is done, you will receive your code for the beta.

Diablo IV via Blizzard Ent.
Diablo IV via Blizzard Ent.

Instructions for redeeming your code:

  • Head to and log in or create your account
  • Enter your code and your preferred gaming platform
  • Redeem

After you complete these steps, the beta will be available to play. You can now be amongst the first to dive into Diablo IV.

Regardless, this promotion changes the way gaming marketing campaigns will be for the future, opening up quite a few possibilities for other companies.

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