FaZe and OpTic fans were bestowed with a welcome surprise as both organizations announced a special collaboration between the pair.

It goes without saying that OpTic Gaming have been at the center of a lot of attention these past few days. Amidst the news of Envy's potential purchase of the brand, OpTic have also announced a new collaboration with another of their longtime rivals, FaZe Clan.

An Unexpected Collaboration

The announcement for this collaboration first broke on the OpTic Gaming and Faze Clan twitter pages. And from what we could tell it appears there is a whole heaping of goodies coming to fans of both organisations. From a baseball jersey, sharing the colours and logos of the two Esports titans, to a new controller design, as well as a mousepad prompting people to "choose wisely" it seems that there will be a wide array of products to delight their consumers.

While an exact release date for the merchandise has yet to be announced by either party there is already plenty of intrigue and excitement building across social media. The announcement video also seems to be teasing more things are to come from this collaboration. While we are not certain as to what that might entail, FaZe and Optic fans will be looking forward to it nonetheless. The question that remains now is whether you're going to "FaZeUp" or if you will be joining "the Greenwall?"

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