Nvidia announces beta app to replace Geforce Experience cover image

Nvidia announces beta app to replace Geforce Experience

Nvidia has launched the beta version of its official app, which is set to replace Geforce Experience and Control Panel when it’s ready for release.

For most Nvidia users, it feels like they've had Geforce Experience forever and most of them have mixed opinions on it. Ideally, it should be a control center for users with Nvidia graphics cards. However, it's an app that allows users to download graphics card drivers and optimize their game's visual settings based on their hardware.

For adjusting basic display settings, users would need to use the Nvidia Control Panel separately. Thankfully, the company is addressing this with its latest announcement. The Nvidia App Beta will replace Geforce Experience and is available to download alongside the latest Geforce drivers. This app merges Geforce Experience features and the Nvidia Control Panel into one app UI, along with some additional Nvidia features.

Nvidia App Beta features a redesigned UI

The most noticeable change between Geforce Experience and the Nvidia App Beta is the redesigned UI. The new app rearranges the tabs in a vertical order on the left and presents relevant information to users based on the active tab. Users can access drivers, graphics settings, and display settings across separate tabs. In addition to this, a new "Rewards" tab allows players to redeem rewards for performing specific actions on the app while logged in to their Nvidia accounts. In essence, this is similar to Microsoft's Bing Rewards and Google Play rewards.

New in-game overlay

The new app also changes the Nvidia in-game overlay, making it much more user-friendly. Essentially, users can toggle the statistics with a hotkey and the overlay provides a lot more useful information like CPU and GPU usage. Users can also access their screenshot gallery and most of the ShadowPlay functions are accessible directly through the overlay.

A unified control center

Control center screenshot (Image via Nvidia)
Control center screenshot (Image via Nvidia)

The best part of the new Nvidia app is that it works as a unified control center for all graphics card functions. Users can launch the Nvidia Control Panel through the app. Nvidia plans to eventually integrate the panel into the Nvidia app. Users also get new features that give them a lot more control over their graphics card and troubleshooting. As of now, users can re-install drivers through the app interface. Nvidia plans on adding GPU overclocking and driver roll-back features, too.

How to install the Nvidia App Beta

The new Nvidia App Beta is available to download on the official website (Image via Nvidia)
The new Nvidia App Beta is available to download on the official website (Image via Nvidia)

Installation is a hassle-free process. It doesn't even require users to uninstall Geforce Experience from their computers.

  • Download the Nvidia App Beta from the website
  • Launch the installer
  • The installer automatically upgrades Geforce Experience to the new app

Needless to say, it's currently a beta. Therefore, it's bound to have some general operational issues. If you're willing to wait for a full release, you might as well do so. The public beta is for anyone who's excited to try out the new features at the risk of potentially running into a few teething problems.

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