MAHVEL BABY! Marvel vs Capcom 3 returns to EVO 2023 and has set a new franchise record for registered players.

Marvel cannot be killed. Added as a new "throwback tournament" category for EVO 2023, Marvel vs Capcom 3 (specifically Ultimate MvC3) has set a new franchise record for players registered at the legendary EVO Championship Series tournament. While the final numbers still await, the EVO Twitter account confirmed the milestone achievement shortly after registration closed early today.

Marvel isn't the only game setting records at EVO 2023, however. Street Fighter 6 has already set a record for franchise entries into the yearly tournament, with over half of all players registered across all games playing. Regardless, the love for a game like Marvel shines through when a near-ten-year old game is breaking records.

Marvel at EVO 2023

The return of Marvel vs Capcom 3 to EVO is a long and winding road. Not in the main (non side-tournament) stage since 2017, UMvC3 returns now as one of the most resilient games in the FGC. Placed on the shelf for the much maligned Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate in 2018, the game makes its main stage return under new ownership. Sony's purchase of the EVO Championship Series post-pandemic worried many that retro games would no longer have a place at the table.

Crisis, averted.

In fact, it appears all parties are leaning into the inclusion of Marvel at EVO 2023. Not only is its inclusion and being the fourth most registered game for the tournament being used as a major promotion point, the House of Mouse is getting in on it too. Just a week ago the official Marvel website promoted the inclusion of UMvC3 at EVO with a full rundown of the game's history.

There are countless epic moments throughout Marvel vs. Capcom’s history at Evo. Now Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is back at Evo for the first time since 2017 through its new initiative, the throwback tournament. UMVC3 is the very first game throughout Evo’s history to kick off this exciting endeavor. While the game might have released over a decade ago, the passionate player base has thrived, and the one-of-a-kind universe it created stands tall among the latest and greatest titles featured at Evo 2023.

Marvel Dot Com

Mavhel when?

Be sure to follow along at closer to the big weekend, as EVO 2023 takes place Aug. 3-6. Expect coverage of the main games, winners, and major moments happening in real time. This return to form for the beloved FGC weekend could turn out to be one of the most important EVO tournaments of all time.

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