Nintendo doesn’t want nudity in the Nintendo Switch eShop cover image

Nintendo doesn’t want nudity in the Nintendo Switch eShop

The Nintendo Switch may be cracking down on lewd games in the eShop. Nudity is most likely not allowed in Nintendo games.

Nintendo might be done allowing adult content on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

A video game publisher has come forward to accuse Nintendo of rejecting one of their lewd titles for having "uncensored boobs." The publisher, Gamuzumi, explained on Twitter that Nintendo "confirmed" that this was no longer allowed on the Nintendo Switch.

Continued the publisher: "Basically, obscene content could damage the brand and infringe its policies."

Gamuzumi added that another one of its games, Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle, was also rejected for nudity. A real disappointment with the holidays just around the corner. You'll have to start thinking of new gift ideas now for the Switch player in your family.

"It's a shame that now all consoles have restrictions about nudity content. This probably will affect not only our games but also games from other publishers/devs. At least we still can release the games censored," Gamuzumi tweeted.

Censorship is nothing new in the video game world, especially for Nintendo. The Super Smash Bros. community will never forget what was taken from them when Pyra & Mythra joined Ultimate as DLC fighters. The outfits were altered to show less skin, leaving Xenoblade fans disappointed.

Other consoles have also censored games in the past for both nudity and violence.

Nintendo has yet to make a statement on the eShop's nudity policy. The company surprised the gaming community when it seemed to be in support of Bayonetta 3 having revealing outfits. But it seems that showing boobs is too much for the conservative company.