Nina Williams is back in this Tekken 8 reveal and gameplay trailer cover image

Nina Williams is back in this Tekken 8 reveal and gameplay trailer

The world’s deadliest assassin is back in this Tekken 8 trailer, showing grapples, guns, and Heat cancels galore.

There's something wonderfully nonsensical about the world of Tekken, especially when it comes to its OG cast. At last we saw the assassin Nina Williams she was in a wedding dress, fighting Steve Fox, chasing down supersoldier children, and leading the Mishima Zaibatsu. But as we see in a new gameplay trailer, Nina Williams in Tekken 8 is going full James Bond.

Brandishing pistols and wearing sunglasses in the middle of the day, the oldest Williams sister is back in the Tekken franchise and coming to an FGC tournament near you.

Let's look at the footage, revealed today during a Tekken 8 livestream with game director Katsuhiro Harada.

The return of Nina Williams

The Nina Williams of Tekken 8 looks to immediately share some common ground with her past iterations. A return of classic combos such as her cross-armbreaker takedown blends with some guns akimbo action. All of this sings out graphically, given just how fantastic the Tekken 8 engine appears to be shaping up.

We also get a bit of a preview of her Heat actions, a new mechanic for the series. Meant as a combo extension and special-cancel akin to Roman Cancelling in Guilty Gear or Baroque cancels in Capcom vs Tatsunoko. Heat actions allow the player to eliminate the vulnerability frames of a move and extend combos, making your actions safe and aggressive.

You can see this in-action during the Nina Williams Tekken 8 reveal, as she glows while pulling her pistols out and charging forward. While an early guess, it looks as if she can cancel out of this move with a dash and extend her combos further while pushing the opponent back into the wall.

Tekken 8 release: TDB

(Image via Bandai Namco)
(Image via Bandai Namco)

If Nina plays anything like previous versions of Tekken, expect a mix of medium-range combos with frustrating grapple attacks. Regardless as to whether she's your main or not, the reveal trailer provides some of best looks into the new systems of Tekken 8 to date.

When will Nina Williams and Tekken 8 hit shores? No release date is announced, but the game will be playable at EVO Japan.

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